GTA Online Weekly Update Reset for October 27, Here Are the Discounts, GTA Plus & More

GTA Online Weekly Update Reset for October 27

Rockstar Games has rolled out the GTA Online weekly update reset of activities alongside the discounts, GTA Plus bonuses and more for October 27! Check out the complete highlights and recap in one handy list below.

GTA Online Weekly Update Reset for October 27 – Discounts, GTA Plus & More:

With Halloween fast approaching, the eerie energy blanketing the city brings with it new reports of strange figures stalking citizens of Southern San Andreas – the latest oddities to hit GTA Online following UFO sightings, rogue driverless trucks, and Jack O’ Lanterns scattered across town.

In addition, a free rare Sasquatch Outfit awaits players who log in on Halloween Day, while a variety of masks are available to those who play this week.

Further highlights from today’s news include:

  • New Vehicle: The BF Weevil Custom, now available at Benny’s Original Motor Works
  • Double GTA$ and RP on the Halloween Bunker Series, Judgement Day, Alien Survivals, Slasher, Beast vs. Slasher, and returning Halloween-themed modes Condemned, Come Out to Play, and Lost vs. Damned
  • Double GTA$, RP, and Arena Points in the Arena War Series
  • Reports of Clone Slashers stalking citizens around town
  • A free Sasquatch Outfit for logging in on October 31 and a Death mask for playing anytime this week
  • An Orange & Gray Tech Demon mask for completing a round of Condemned
  • A Halloween Chute Bag for completing any Sell Mission this week
  • A Pale Vintage Mummy mask or Green Vintage Frank mask for successfully delivering Cargo during a Business Battle
  • This week in Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom: An Albany Lurcher (50% off) in Classic Black with the Hangman’s Grave livery, the Lampadati Pigalle (30% off) in Classic Bright Orange, the BF Weevil (40% off) in Classic Harbor Blue and an Evil Weevil livery, an LCC Sanctus (40% off) in Pearlescent Black with the Blue Flames livery, and the Dinka RT3000 in Midnight Silver with the Total Fire livery
  • On display at the Luxury Autos Showroom: The brand-new Grotti Visione (30% off) and the Übermacht Revolter
  • On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
    • Hao’s Premium Test Ride: The Übermacht Sentinel XS
    • This week’s Hao’s Special Works Time Trial takes place between North Chumash and Palomino Highlands
  • Lucky Wheel Top Prize: The Albany Fränken Stange
  • LS Car Meet Prize Ride: The Cheval Taipan for winning an LS Car Meet Race five days running
  • LS Car Meet Test Rides: The Vapid Blade (50% off), Coil Raiden (30% off), and Ocelot Penetrator (40% off)
  • 50% off Imani Tech Upgrades
  • Vehicle Discounts: 50% off the Vapid Blade and Western Gargoyle, 40% off the BF Weevil and Ocelot Penetrator, and 30% off the Grotti Visione, Coil Raiden, Obey I-Wagen, and Lampadati Pigalle
  • Arena War Discounts: 50% off the Arena Workshop and its Modifications and Upgrades, Arena Vehicle Armor Plating, Vehicle Weapons, and Bodyworks including Blades, Spikes, and Roll Cages, 40% off Arena War Vehicles, plus 30% off a selection of Arena War Outfits
  • Ongoing Monthly GTA+ Benefits: The Benefactor Terrorbyte, Nightclub Light Rig and Cargo Storage Upgrades, Double GTA$ and RP on Terrorbyte Client Jobs, Tripled Nightclub Warehouse Production Speed, and Double GTA$ on Business Battles, free Halloween Gear, and more
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses: GTA Online players who successfully connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get GTA$125K just for playing anytime this week


This month’s benefits for GTA+ Members include:

  • The Benefactor Terrorbyte
  • Nightclub Light Rig and Cargo Storage Upgrades
  • 2X GTA$ and RP on Terrorbyte Client Jobs, 3X Nightclub Warehouse Production Speed, and 2X Supplies on Business Battles
  • Free Halloween Gear
  • Additional Member Bonuses

Visit the GTA+ website to check out all the GTA+ Membership benefits available through November 2. To learn more about how to make the most of your GTA+ Membership, check out the GTA+ Guide.


Get 50% off an assortment of Arena War real estate and weaponry: Workshops and their Modifications and Upgrades, Vehicle Armor Plating, Vehicle Weapons and Bodyworks including Blades, Spikes, and Roll Cages. There’s also a selection of Arena War Outfits on discount, including 30% off the following ensembles: Bodysuits, Space Creature Suits, Space Cyclops Suits, Space Horror Suits, Retro Spacesuits, Astronaut Suits, Space Traveler Suits, and Character Suits.

Plus, get 40% off Arena War Vehicles and more highlighted below.

You’ll need getaway vehicles to run from these ghastly creatures plaguing Southern San Andreas this week so it’s the perfect time to check out these vehicle discounts too, along with 50% off Imani Tech Upgrades.  

  • Vapid Blade – 50% off
  • Western Gargoyle – 50% off
  • BF Weevil – 40% off
  • Ocelot Penetrator – 40% off
  • Grotti Visione – 30% off
  • Coil Raiden – 30% off
  • Obey I-Wagen – 30% off
  • Lampadati Pigalle – 30% off

Tune in next week for the new GTA Online weekly update.

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