GTA V – First Official Gameplay Video Coming Soon, Multiplayer Called “Grand Theft Auto Online”

Grand Theft Auto 5 is just a few months away from release, and while we have only seen scripted gameplay trailers, Rockstar is preparing to debut the first official gameplay video real “soon”, along with the first multiplayer details.

In the recent Asked and Answered that Rockstar held for GTA V, Rockstar stated the following concerning the gameplay reveal.

“Will we ever see some GTA V gameplay?”  – @ASTR4Lx

Yes. Soon (or in September if you don’t want to see it before you play it… it’s up to you) – the first Official Gameplay Video is on its way…

Along with this, they confirmed that GTA V online won’t simply be called GTA V Online, but rather “Grand Theft Auto Online.” Their goal is to create an incredible online experience that’s fun, fair, and healthy for everyone.

“When will we get information on GTA V multiplayer?” – @camronbnl3

Expect to hear some first details soon – it’s called Grand Theft Auto Online and we’re very excited to unveil it for you sometime this summer.

“A healthy GTAIV multiplayer game is really hard to come by nowadays. By healthy I mean players play for good clean fun. Every time I join a game it’s either modded or hacked. When I create a custom game, some abusive d*ck joins my game and ruins everyone’s fun game. I can’t just kick him out unless everyone votes. Do something about this in GTAV, Rockstar.” – received via Mouthoff

Ever since Grand Theft Auto IV was released, we’ve continued to integrate newer and stronger methods of cheat detection and prevention for each of our games. While we have yet to reveal specifically what new anti-cheating measures we have planned for GTAV, rest assured that we’re focused on creating as level a playing field and as fair, fun (and healthy as you say) an experience as possible for everyone. There will always be some people who want to cheat but we are going to do our best to stop it. We have spent a lot of time and effort making an incredible Online experience and proper support is part of that package.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is set to release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 September 17th. No news whether it’ll come to PC or next gen consoles at a later date.
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