GTFO Voice Chat to Be Handled by Third-Party Software

gtfo voice chat

Those playing 10 Chamber Collective’s co-op survival shooter GTFO, you’re most likely using Discord to chat in-game. Now, if you’re hoping for official GTFO voice chat implementation, it seems 10 Chambers will be delegating that to a third-party software.

This was revealed by the studio at PAX East, where the studio also revealed that they’ll be using Overtone for the GTFO voice chat client.

Here’s the info straight from the GTFO Discord channel, and for those worried, nope, Discord chat won’t be going anywhere.

What is Overtone?

Overtone is a gaming Voice and Chat application with a focus on outstanding audio quality and getting your party into a game ASAP.

How do I join Overtone?

Right here:

Is this replacing Discord?

Absolutely not. Discord will still be the home for discussing GTFO and we have no plans to remove our LFG or voice channels. Overtone is new partnership to enhance your gaming experience such as providing outstanding audio quality and getting you into a party and starting a game ASAP.

Well, there you have it, folks. At the very least, Discord will still be there as an option.

GFTO is out on PC via Steam Early Access, and those wondering whether we’ll see a console version, there’s no confirmation yet but 10 Chambers have said that they would “love” to do one.

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