Guild Wars 2 Will Get Rentable Arenas, Paid Tournaments And More Focus On eSports

Guild Wars 2’s developer ArenaNet has announced in a blogpost that they will be adding paid tournaments and rentable arenas in a future update. The paid tournaments will be an addition to the already available free tournaments. Like the name suggests they will have an entry fee in the form of a ticket. Tickets will be sold on the gem store so players will be able to buy them with ingame gold or real money. Along with the entry fee they will also up the stakes with more rewards like better loot, points and even gems. Unlike free tournaments it will not be possible to enter a paid tournament without a premade 5 man team.

The post also reveals some details on how rentable custom arenas will be implemented. It will be much like how servers can be rented in recent shooters like Battlefield 3: Guilds will be able to customize the map rotation, set a password and use to it practice strategies, host scrims or host public games for fun. They announced more information on rented arenas will follow in a future post.

ArenaNet calls those two features “the tip of the iceberg”, with more eSports features like leaderboards, spectating, larger tournaments and streaming confirmed to be on their radar.

If you want to read more about Guild Wars 2, you can check out my in-depth review here. Do you think their focus on eSports is the right way to go, or should they give the less competitive aspects of the game more attention?

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