Guilty Gear Strive Happy Chaos Starter Guide

Guilty Gear Strive Update 1.14

A new fighter is entering the arena in Guilty Gear Strive tomorrow, and ahead of his release, Arc System Works have revealed the Guilty Gear Strive Happy Chaos starter guide video. This video showcases his basic moves and combos, all of which you can use to your advantage to gain the upper hand once Happy Chaose drops in the next update. Check out the video below, plus our breakdown on his skills and moves.

In total, Happy Chaos has 13 different basic moves which players can use to set up his powerful attacks. Refer to the image below to see these moves:

Happy Chaos works off of Bullets and a Concentration meter. Using At the Ready, Happy Chaos can aim his gun, Firing once he chooses to do so. Steady Aim allows him to refine that aim in order to deal more damage, but it also leaves him quite vulnerable against attacks. To counter this, you can use Cancel Aim, which does just that: cancel aiming in order to free up Happy Chaos.

Shooting with his gun costs Bullets, which inevitably calls for a Reload. It also uses Concentration, which, while regenerates by itself, can also be regenerated faster with Focus. A downside of this is that after using Focus, you regenerate Concentration slower.

Happy Chaos has three good space making moves in Roll, Scapegoat, and Curse. Roll allows him to move a certain way while keeping a low profile, allowing him to avoid mid to high attacks and projectiles. Scapegoat summons a copy of Happy Chaos that can block attacks while moving him back a certain distance, but using this comes at the cost of some health.

Happy Chaos also has a move called Curse, which steadies his aim to increase the accuracy of his shots. While the Curse itself does not deal any damage, it is also useful in some degree as it moves Happy Chaos back a certain distance after casting.

Finally, Happy Chaos can use Deus Ex Machina and Super Focus. Both cost 50 percent of the Tension bar, but Deus Ex Machina also requires Concentration to activate. Upon activation, Deus Ex Machina allows Happy Chaos to spam his guns and instantly reload his gun. This can trigger an Area Shift if it hits an opponent in the corner, and will track regardless of enemy position, even if they are behind you once you casted.

Super Focus instantly recovers all of Happy Chaos’ Concentration. For a short time after activation, it also slows down the decrease of Concentration, allowing Happy Chaos to perform more powerful attacks.

Happy Chaos will be arriving in Guilty Gear Strive’s update tomorrow. Let us know your thoughts on this new character, and how he sizes up to the rest of the roster in the comments below!

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