Gundam Battle Operation 2 Update 1.14 for Its First Anniversary Now Live, File Size and Details Here

Gundam Battle Operation 2 is celebrating its one year anniversary in a big way as the recent update has released, bringing in a ton of free gifts and content.

The anniversary update (1.14) weights roughly 1.2GB and comes pack with a bunch of freebies. The event will run from now, until August 29th and will allow players the opportunity to complete in limited missions, and earn clan bonuses along with other content that you can read up below. Gundam Battle Operation 2 is a free-to-play sequel to the first, available exclusively on PS4. As of right now the game is currently only available in Japan, but it does offer an English translation in the game settings. The game is slated to release later this year in the US and Europe, though no exact date has been announced

First order of freebies is the 39 free tokens you get for logging in during the anniversary. These tokens can be used at the lottery station in exchange for a chance at a randomized Unit, character suit piece, or unit weapons/upgrades, though we suggest you take advantage of the current step event, which improves your chances of obtaining certain banner suits and is also currently at a 50% discount for the first step (15 tokens rather than 30). With the anniversary event the first step also has a 72 hours bonus boost which guarantees one of the currently featured banner units. Do be careful and make sure you use those tokens on the right lottery, as I made the mistake in wasting 30 tokens on the regular 10 roll lottery.  And speaking of 10 rolls, for the next 5 weeks the game is giving out 1 ten roll a week for absolutely free!

Now moving on to the other content found in this anniversary update, upon logging on you’ll also be given the following units for free. If you’ve had them prior to this event they’ll be converted over into recycle and mechanic tickets, which you can spend at their respective shops.

Gundam Battle Operation 2 update 1.14 patch notes:

Free General Unit
Psycho Zaku [TB] LV1 (For Space Use. Cost: 500)
Gelgoog LV1 (For Ground/Space Use. Cost: 350)
GM Command LV1 (For Ground Use. Cost: 250)
Dom LV1 (For Ground Use. Cost: 300)
Raid Unit
Full Armor Gundam [TB] LV1 (For Space Use. Cost: 500)
Prototype Gundam LV1 (For Ground/Space Use. Cost: 350)
Acguy LV1 (For Ground Use. Cost: 200)
Support Unit
Zaku I Sniper Type LV1 (For Ground/Space Use. Cost: 300)
Guncannon LV1 (For Ground/Space Use. Cost: 350)
Guntank Mass Production Type LV1 (For Ground Use. Cost: 250)


Active clans during this period have the opportunity to receive up to 5 times the leveling rewards, which once they’ve reached a certain level or completed certain missions they’ll also earn some credits(10K is now 50K) along with more tokens (1 Token is now 5 Tokens).

Limited Missions

Some new limited missions are available, which you can find below along with their rewards. Information for rewards were gathered from the official website, with the challenges details gather from in-game.

GM Custom LV1 & 2 (For Ground/Space Use. Cost: 400)

For the level 1 version all you have to do is sortie into 40 battles, while the level 2 requires you to complete all limited missions.

  • General unit with a cost of 400.
  • Developed after the One Year War in the attempt to enhance the performance of the GM, this MS shares a lot in common with the Alex in their specifications and components.
  • Although it is often teased that “lacking characteristics is its characteristic”, the MS possesses sufficient skills as a general unit, and achieves high performance.
  • Equipped with orthodox yet easy-to-use weapons, the MS is expected to produce good battlefield results with its high adaptability.

Clothing & Accessories

  • Normal Suit: Federation B 03 – Win a battle 20 times
  • Helmet: Burning 01 – Earn top individual score 3 times
  • T-shirt: PMU 01 – Sortie into battle 1 time


  • Splitter Camo HG – Cause a total of 500,000 damage in battle


  • P.M.U. Art – Get the top score for any result 8 time(s) in battle

Other Rewards

  •  50 Recycle Ticket(s) – Defeat at least 3 enemy MS in battle for 16 times
  • 15 Mechanic Ticket(s) – Sortie into battle 20 times
  • 15 Mechanic Ticket(s) – Acquire a total individual score of 80,000 in battle

New Game Mode

A new matchmaking playlist called “Weekend Battle” is now live. These weekend battle will run every week from Friday until Sunday and will feature two new game modes, which you can read up below. Information taken from the official weekend battle page and in-game

Simple Battle

  • A team battle with players divided into two teams competing for score
  • 6-minute time limit, no destroying bases or infantry activities (mobile units only.)
  • Can sortie from any waypoint base after respawning
  • Shortened respawn time for MS
  • Specific actions can restore HP and part damage: Crouching/lying prone on the ground and remaining still for a certain time in space repairs unit.

Shuffle Target

Similar to the Mode “ACE”, Shuffle Target selects a random player from both team to be the targeted suit. Each team must defend their own while going after the other, and after a certain amount of time the target will swap to a different player, something that doesn’t happen in ACE mode. Destroying the target will grant that team 3 times the score that they would normally get for killing that cost unit. NO details on whether a target destroying an enemy also multiples the score like it does in ACE mode.

Down below you’ll find other related fixes and features that came with this patch, do mind that the translation is grabbed from the official patch page and isn’t 100% correctly translated due to google translate.

Clan related

  • “Clan Mission” has been added.
  •  The clan mission is a weekly mission that challenges all clan members.
  • Clan missions have achieved stages , earning rewards as the rank goes up, and rewards improve as the rank goes up.
  • The achievement reward of the mission can be earned by all the members who are enlisted at the time of achievement, and the achievement status up to the “previous time” and “previous time” remains as a history.
  • You can check clan mission from HARO> clan screen.
  • The universe rating is also displayed in the clan related members list.
  • In the level up reward when the clan level has risen, the reward received at one time was changed to the last 30 levels.

Rating related

  • “A+” Rating has been added

Tutorial related

  • We modified some of the base camp’s first tutorial to make it easier for first-time players to understand Batope 2 to understand.
  • Arrows now appear for items to be selected during the tutorial.
  • It has become impossible to select items not related to the tutorial, and it has become possible not to accept unnecessary button input.

MAP related

  • Adjusted the map “Harbor Base” It has become impossible to climb HLV and scaffolding near the relay point C.

Base camp related

  • We decorated the entire base camp to commemorate the first anniversary of the service and opened up some unopened areas.
  • Emotion “Hand-held fireworks”, “Take-up fireworks” were added.

Strengthening facility related

  • MS On the warehouse selection screen for reinforced facilities, the MS list can be displayed by pressing the △ button.
  • When strengthening MS with high rarity, “Leona Loucraft” began to sing new lines.

Paint related

  • Adjusted the marking position of “Bishop”.
  • Adjusted the marking position of “SICOMUM High Mobility Test Machine”

Unit related

  • “Jim · rifle” has been added to the main armament that can be equipped with “Powered Gym”.

Network related

Types of game modes for rating that can be selected have decreased, and players in Block list are now colored different. Blue meaning you, white is a normal player and red for the blocked player

Added 30 BGM songs to be played during battle .

  •  Introduce some of the additional BGM
  • From “Geonic Front”  The threat in front of eyes, ZEONIC FRONT, crow’s eyebrows, as long as there are fangs, others
  • From “MS Front 0079” Dauntless soldiers, Death-struggle, others
  • From “Target in Sight” SORTIE [strike], FIRST CONTACT [touch], others
  • Other – Gundam Senki LWC, GUNDAM Senki, Ambitions of New Guilen, Side Stories,
    Tracks of Warriors, In Land where Colony Drops … Also added from New

General Fixes
Battle related

  • A number of suit adjustments were made, which can be found here.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the pilot gets into the MS body when getting off the MS at the wall etc during battle.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the pilot gets in the object of the map when getting down from the tank system MS.
  • We corrected because there was a case that AI of enemy MS stopped in the training in the space map.
  • In the ace match, the aircraft HP correction that occurs when the ace is destroyed, was corrected because the number of destruction before becoming an ace was also added.
  • In the personal battle results screen after the end of battle, it was corrected because the button guide displayed at the bottom of the screen was incorrect.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the MS would shoot at an unnatural angle when attacking while performing a specific operation in a mobile shooting capable weapon.
  • In the free practice, when enemy MS tried to return to the initial position, it was corrected because it might keep walking toward the wall.
  • Fixed the problem that the focusing effect was not displayed on the opponent’s screen in the shooting weapon that can be focused while moving.
  • When MS falls during battle, it has been corrected as MS may be unnaturally squeezed if certain operations are performed.

Unit related

  • When painting “Gym intercept custom FB”, it was corrected because the unnatural part was blinking as a color changeable part.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the upper body of the aircraft disappears under certain conditions while operating the “Gym Intercept Custom FB”.
  • While operating the assault gun form of “Hildorub”, it was corrected because the cartridge case was not displayed when using the armament during movement.
  • When using the snipe mode with “Saicommu High Mobility Test Machine”, the camera’s turning speed was corrected because it was not unified between left rotation and right rotation.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the aircraft icon was not displayed when confirming the assault gun type skill of “Hildorub” with Database> Item Data> MS.
  • When we boarded a tank system MS on a slope etc., it was corrected because the boarding effect might be unnatural camera work.

Clan related

  • We dealt with the server side for the phenomenon that the information of the clan can not be acquired normally and an error occurs.
  • Fixed the clan tag displayed to other players in the base camp because it might be another clan.
  • Changed the flow so that the clan terminal can not be accessed without passing through the clan lodging when the clan’s application for application is approved.
  • Modified to sort by space rating because it was sorted by ground rating when sorting was ordered by rating in Clan member’s invitation list in the Space Map preparation room.
  • Fixed the fact that if a clan level is raised while clan is enlisted, and if you rejoin the same clan without having received a level up reward, you will not receive a level up reward.

Network related

  • Fixed the phenomenon that the dialog displayed when the game mode update time is over is closed automatically while waiting in the mission preparation room using group matching.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the MS icon displayed on the left of the screen under different circumstances (ground or space) is different from the dispatch map ( under certain circumstances) while waiting in the mission preparation room using group matching .
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the number of people displayed in the battle that was dispatched last time is displayed only for a moment when entering the dispatch preparation room.

Map related

  • In the “mountain area”, it was corrected because there was a place where the inside of the wall could be seen.
  • In “unmanned urban area”, it was corrected because there was a point where the pilot was put inside the building.
  • Fixed some textures in “Unmanned Cities”.
  • In “inside of space fortress”, it was corrected because there was a place where the inside of the wall could be seen.
  • In “inside of space fortress”, it was corrected because there was a case that it re-launched out of the area under a specific situation.


  • Modified the fired child machine not to be an attack target at the time of use of Psychocom Armor.

Paint related

  • Fixed the problem that another pattern or color might be displayed when performing a specific operation when selecting a pattern on the paint screen.


  • Corrected the phenomenon that the cursor is not displayed when performing a specific operation on the HARO> MS> Customize screen.
  • Since the background of the map dispatched just before was reflected in the head accessory of the pilot set for the base camp, it was corrected.
  • Fixed to put a comma separator every 3 digits in the in-game number notation.
  • In some languages ​​other than Japanese, it was corrected because translation was incorrect.
  • At Tenda’s information center, corrected some of Tenda’s lines when “Basic Space Training” was completed.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that ON / OFF switching of “my army information” occurs simultaneously when switching the short cut of armed armor during battle when a specific button setting is made as an option.
  • We corrected because there was a case that some texts overlapped at the compensation window.
  • When application data was updated under a specific situation, it was corrected because the transition to the title screen might not be performed.
  • Fixed because the image in the guide displayed in the reinforced facility was partially incorrect.
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