H-Hour – Beta Not a Demo, New Details and Gameplay Trailer Soon?

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SOF Studios sheds some light on its vision for H-Hour’s beta and shares a few tidbits of what to expect from the game.

Nowadays, betas are done just a few weeks before a game launches, leaving many to believe that it’s an actual demo, rather than a test session.

The team also discussed how the beta has limited slots and that the donation fund would eventually be closed once they’ve filled in the spots. Users who do participate in the closed beta will have an opportunity to play in the title’s first broadcast tournament. It also seems from the forum post that video uploads are allowed, though it’s not official.

While the Beta is still a long ways before it enters closed testing, funders and others who are interested in the title may be getting a first look at an up-to-date build gameplay with a trailer that may (or may not) be releasing soon.

Gamepedia also launched the official wiki page for H-Hour along with an exclusive look at one of the maps, which you can view below alongside a new screenshot.


[youtube id=”STarq9gkSC4″]

Other details confirmed by the developers through Twitter:

  • The game will feature a single player mode, however it won’t be included at launch.
  • Clan Tags (Support 4 characters)
  • Will have a “ton” of clan support
  • Spectator mode
  • Strafe, similar to SOCOM
  • Bombs don’t respond in demolition if left untouched
  • Character customization in physique
  • Taunts are confirmed
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