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H-Hour World’s Elite PS4 Version Is Still Planned for Development News 2

News 2 While it’s been a long time since we last reported on H-Hour: World Elite, the team over at SOF studio has finally given an update on the H-Hour World’s Elite PS4 version, and apparently it is still very much alive. Taking the Twitter, SOF Studio has detailed a bit of their plans, saying that the […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Beta And Steam Early Access Dated, New Screenshots Released News 3

News 3 For those eagerly awaiting to try out the upcoming SOCOM-inspired title, H-Hour: World’s Elite, you’ll be happy to know that beta access will be coming very soon. As noted on the official SOF Studio blog page, both the Beta and early access will launch in April. Details can be found below. Monday, April 6, 2015 Emails […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Fly-Through Video Demonstrates Unreal Engine 4 Improvements News 8

News 8 Teased a few weeks back, today SOF Studios has released a brand-new H-Hour: World’s Elite fly-through video highlighting some of the graphical overhauls the studio was able to make after having upgraded to the Unreal Engine 4. The video below showcases the Church map and is still a work in progress, meaning nothing is final. It […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Gets Graphical Overhaul on Unreal Engine 4, Check Out These Comparison Shots News 16

News 16 SOF Studios has been pretty busy these past weeks as development for their Kickstarted and now Greenlit tactical shooter project, H-Hour: World’s Elite, has moved from Unreal Engine 3 to an upgraded Unreal Engine 4. On top of providing a whole new set of tools to work with, the new engine also allows for a complete makeover of […]

H-Hour – “Innovation We Have, And It’s Not More Epic Kill Streaks,” Says SOF Creative Director News 6

News 6 With H-Hour: World’s Elite, SOF Studios aims clear of today’s modern military shooter, hoping to deliver a more traditional gameplay experience that brings back the intensity of classic shooters like SOCOM. But in today’s gaming landscape, littered with over-the-top Hollywood action shooters, H-Hour’s philosophy can be a tough sell. As it so happens, selling is the exact situation the higher-ups at […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Devs Say No VR Support Now – ‘Oculus, maybe’, Possibly ‘the Sony Version’ News 1

News 1 During yesterday’s H-Hour: World’s Elite live stream, David Sears, the head of SOF Studio gave his take on virtual reality support for H-Hour. Though the PlayStation 4 doesn’t support PS Move as of now, it seems like it will later on in a future update when Sony launches their VR headset. That prompted the question, “will […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Will Run on Unreal Engine 4, UE3 Used For Proof of Concept News 15

News 15 Since H-Hour: World’s Elite was first announced, it has been speculated that the game would indeed run off Unreal Engine 4 engine, recently demonstrated at GDC 2014. No confirmation has been made, however, until now. Speaking in a recent live stream, SOF Studio head David Sears revealed that the final game would be running off […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Gets Steam Approval, Screenshots And Other Details News 3

News 3 It’s official. After a successful Greenlight campaign, H-Hour: World’s Elite will be launching on Steam next year when the game is released. SOF Studios made the announcement earlier today, thanking the community for all the support, making all of this possible. The team also teased that a new video is in the works, showing off the “breaching and […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite – SOF is ‘Ready To Deliver a Finished Product’ News 12

News 12 SOF Studios is all set for full-on development of H-Hour: World’s Elite, a tactical third-person shooter in the vein of classic SOCOM games. The question is, what publisher will end up backing them? Yesterday, the studio launched both a brand new gameplay trailer along with their Greenlight campaign in an effort to get voters to […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Gets An Epic New Gameplay Trailer, Vote Now On Steam Greenlight News 44

News 44 Voting has officially opened for H-Hour’s Greenlight campaign on Steam, To celebrate, SOF Studios has released an epic new gameplay trailer, reminiscing why we loved games like SOCOM in the first place. You can catch it above. H-Hour: World’s Elite is set to launch on the PlayStation 4 and PC later next year, though if […]

H-Hour Looking To Get The Greenlight On Steam News 4

News 4 H-Hour: World’s Elite developer SOF Studios hopes to distribute their upcoming tactical shooter on Steam for the game’s PC release. PC gamers who are interested in H-Hour will be happy to learn that, on March 25th, the game will be kicking off its Greenlight Campaign in hopes to become available on Steam when it launches […]

New H-Hour Screenshot, Development And Twitch Stream Discussion Dated News 8

News 8 H-Hour has come to an end on one one of it’s many production cycles and SOF Studios is now discussing some of its upcoming plans. In a detailed blog post, creative director David Sears outlined the many bugs that have been fixed in the extremely early test version of the game, though some still remain. […]

H-Hour – Beta Not a Demo, New Details and Gameplay Trailer Soon? News 1

News 1 SOF Studios sheds some light on its vision for H-Hour’s beta and shares a few tidbits of what to expect from the game. Nowadays, betas are done just a few weeks before a game launches, leaving many to believe that it’s an actual demo, rather than a test session. @nob_maestro actually that’s a Demo. A […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite – Beta Info, New Videos And Screens News 18

News 18 Today, SOF Studios released a brand-new video showcasing the grenade in H-Hour: World’s Elite, along with revealing many new details about the game’s Beta and how you can participate in it. For those who missed the Kickstarter chance to get in the Beta, SOF Studio is giving gamers another chance through their official Donation page. […]

Dance Your Way To Victory in H-Hour: World’s Elite – Victory Dance Video News 8

News 8 The world’s elite are also the world’s best dancers. In H-Hour: World’s Elite, your dominance over others doesn’t just stop at shooting your enemy down. SOF Studios is giving you the chance to establish absolute superiority by rubbing the win in your opponent’s face with style – Gagnam Style, that is. Teased in H-Hour’s first gameplay video […]

A Wild H-Hour: World’s Elite Screen Appears! SOF Studios Shows Off First Image of Alpha Game News 18

News 18 With a successful Kickstarter campaign now behind them, SOF Studios is hard at work bringing to life what they promise to be a lethal, tactical, team-based, multiplayer military shooter that no hardcore shooter fan will want to miss. H-Hour: World’s Elite, a game many are calling the spiritual successor to SOCOM, has hit a bit […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite is a Go, SOF Studios Reaches Kickstarter Goal News 12

News 12 David Sears and his team at SOF Studios can breathe a sigh of relief, as can fans of the tactical, team-based shooter genre. H-Hour: World’s Elite is officially a go as the studio’s Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal of raising $200,000 in funds as of today, July 2, with four days left to go […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Interview With Creative Director David Sears News 14

News 14 David Sears, former creative director of the beloved SOCOM series and also former creative director at Ubistoft studios, is back and ready to give the hardcore, FPS gaming community what they’ve been waiting for: a true ‘tactical’ and ‘team-based’ shooter that honors the source material as well as the men and women of the world’s militaries. […]

H-Hour Creative Director Offers Direction for Today’s Military Shooter, Current Trend “Is Unsustainable” News 76

News 76 We recently had the chance to speak to former SOCOM creative director, also former creative director at Ubisoft, David Sears, about his upcoming project, H-Hour World’s Elite, a truly tactical and team-based military shooter that stays true to source material and honors the men and women of the world’s militaries. Tactical and team-based. Those are […]

Socom 2 Director Kickstarts Spiritual Successor “H-Hour: World’s Elite”, Promises A Return To Socom’s Roots News 22

News 22 Like many fans out there, my personal favorite Socom game out there was Socom 2. This game is begging for an HD remake, and while Sony seems to have no interest of giving one, the original creative director who left making games after Socom 2, is returning back and bringing bringing us a a new […]