H-Hour: World’s Elite Devs Say No VR Support Now – ‘Oculus, maybe’, Possibly ‘the Sony Version’

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During yesterday’s H-Hour: World’s Elite live stream, David Sears, the head of SOF Studio gave his take on virtual reality support for H-Hour.

Though the PlayStation 4 doesn’t support PS Move as of now, it seems like it will later on in a future update when Sony launches their VR headset. That prompted the question, “will H-Hour support the PS Move and/or VR headsets?”

“We’ll think about it” Sears said, “but something like the move isn’t well suited because holding a weapon (controller) over time starts to hurt”.

As for VR support, “It’ll be interesting to see how people generally react once these things are deployed in a serious way,” he added. “Oculus, maybe. Who knows? The Sony version? Possibly. But what it really boils down to is supporting something like that takes away development money from the core, takes away the numbers of maps, and character content they can do”

“Do people really want us to give up on content feature and mechanics in order to support a piece of hardware most of them will not have initially? Sure, down the line it can be apart of an update, but if a publisher comes down the line and says ‘we would like you to support the Oculus Rift, and we will give you 10 Million Dollars’, I will seriously consider it,” Sears said jokingly. “But we have enough our plate just making this game great for two platforms and adding another peripheral just confuses things and makes testing that much harder”

So for the time being, it seems that VR won’t be happening until it’s generally accepted.

Lastly, for those hoping the team will be at this year’s E3, Sears says it all really depends on whether or not someone picks them up and wants to show the game off. It’s a “maybe, maybe not” situation.

Yesterday, we learned that H-Hour: World’s Elite will be built on the Unreal Engine 4.

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