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What VR Gear Should I Have to Play Gonzo’s Quest VR? News 0

News 0 Gonzo’s Quest VR the Search for Eldorado is the world’s first VR slot game. It was prototyped in 2017 and launched in 2018, allowing anyone to access it using their VR headset. But the question is, which VR headset is the best to use to play this NetEnt slot game? Samsung Gear VR Samsung’s Gear […]

Man Accidentally Kills Himself While Playing a VR Game News 0

News 0 Here’s something you don’t hear everyday: it seems a 44-year old Russian man has accidentally killed himself while playing a VR (Virtual Reality) video game. Apparently, the unnamed man, died falling through a glass table while using a VR headset. Here’s what Yulia Ivanova, Senior Assistant to the Head of the Russian Investigative Committee had […]

Virtual Battlegrounds Brings Battle Royale to VR, Gameplay Trailer Shows How News 0

News 0 Battle royale is so hot right now! Players have swarmed around games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, eager to fight to the death on loot-filled islands. Something these two games don’t do, however, is support VR. This is the niche that Oneiric Entertainment wants to fill.  Take a look at some early Virtual Battlegrounds gameplay below: Virtual Battlegrounds is an […]

Oculus Go Specs Detailed, $199 VR Headset Doesn’t Require PC or Mobile to Function News 0

News 0 During the Oculus Connect presentation, the new Oculus Go VR headset was announced. Set to launch in Q1 2018, this $199 device won’t require a PC or mobile device to function. It is totally standalone.  It has been described as the “sweet spot” between PC headset and mobile solutions.  Oculus Go Specs: Super-lightweight design Self-contained […]

Ex-Call of Duty Devs Form Reload Studios, Set to Introduce New FPS Coming to Next-Gen and VR Devices News 40

News 40 A handful of ex-Call of Duty developers have banded together to form a new development house called Reload Studios, according to recent reports. Consisting of 12 members, five of whom are industry veterans and four of whom were former members of Infinity Ward, are soon to announce a new first-person shooter project aimed to launch on next-gen […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Devs Say No VR Support Now – ‘Oculus, maybe’, Possibly ‘the Sony Version’ News 1

News 1 During yesterday’s H-Hour: World’s Elite live stream, David Sears, the head of SOF Studio gave his take on virtual reality support for H-Hour. Though the PlayStation 4 doesn’t support PS Move as of now, it seems like it will later on in a future update when Sony launches their VR headset. That prompted the question, “will […]