H-Hour – “Innovation We Have, And It’s Not More Epic Kill Streaks,” Says SOF Creative Director

H-Hour Game

With H-Hour: World’s Elite, SOF Studios aims clear of today’s modern military shooter, hoping to deliver a more traditional gameplay experience that brings back the intensity of classic shooters like SOCOM.

But in today’s gaming landscape, littered with over-the-top Hollywood action shooters, H-Hour’s philosophy can be a tough sell. As it so happens, selling is the exact situation the higher-ups at SOF currently find themselves in. Creative director David Sears documents the whole process in a recent blog update – an entertaining read.

“We have already been reaching out to publishers and private investors to convince them to let us showcase our work for them. And when we do get our foot in the door, we have to prove that there is interest in the game, that the budget is valid, and that not only are we bringing back a classic gameplay style but innovating as well,” Sears writes.

‘Innovation’ sure is a word devs and publishers like to throw around these days, but in H-Hour’s case, it doesn’t mean more explosions.

“Innovation. This happens with design such as the Analytics SergeantTM, extensive clan/community tools, and ludicrously customizable gameplay options,” Sears explains. “Innovation we have, and it’s not more epic kill streaks. Our innovations support a classic gameplay style that is grossly under represented these days. Balancing these two aspects of the game design and convincing publishers how sexy they are together is going to be a big part of our pitch.”

SOF Studios hopes to move things forward in the coming months and, as we learned earlier, move production to Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

Speaking of things we’ve recently learned, MP1st’s James Lara has finally got the whole shoe tying thing nailed down, but also figured out that H-Hour is aiming for 8 vs. 8 matches.

Keep your sights on MP1st for more on H-Hour: World’s Elite.


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