H-Hour: World’s Elite – SOF is ‘Ready To Deliver a Finished Product’

h hour worlds elite ps4

SOF Studios is all set for full-on development of H-Hour: World’s Elite, a tactical third-person shooter in the vein of classic SOCOM games. The question is, what publisher will end up backing them?

Yesterday, the studio launched both a brand new gameplay trailer along with their Greenlight campaign in an effort to get voters to approve the shooter’s distribution on Steam. According to the studio during a recent live stream, the gameplay video served as a “proof of concept” for H-Hour, which they hope will publishers will take note of.

Despite a low budget, the team stated that they are fully prepared to “deliver a finished product to folks” in the coming year. They’ve spoken to some companies about picking up their game, but no final decision has been made, or at least announced yet. But judging from comments made in yesterday’s live stream, it seems that many of those who are already testing the game are enjoying it.

For those who missed the Stream or are wondering why it ended so early, there were some interferences which prompted it to end early. The stream has since been postponed for another day, with the President of SOF apologizing to everyone.


Are you an avid SOCOM fan anxious to see more of H-Hour in action?

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