H-Hour World’s Elite Now ‘In Full Production,’ Releases On Steam Early Access In March 2015

h hour worlds elite ps4

SOF Studios Creative Director David Sears recently shared news that many classic SOCOM fans have been waiting to hear.

H-Hour: Word’s Elite is now “now in full productions” and will be released via Steam Early Access in March, 2015, he announced on the studio’s Facebook page.

The third-person spiritual successor to the tactical SOCOM series was successfully funded back in July, 2013 and later Green Lit on Steam in March, 2014.

More details are to follow, but it appears that the studio has now secured enough support to enter into full production. “We’ll be outlining a communications strategy that will be posted on our forums within the next couple of weeks,” Sears explained in his note. “This will give our amazing community a clear understanding of what to expect from the Studio as we build out H-HOUR.”

Excited about the news?

Thanks, ShadowgateKDA, for the tip!

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