H1Z1 Map Revealed, New Look at Apartment Complexes, Backpacks, And More

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During a recent H1Z1 live stream, SOE showcased its development team, giving us a sneak peak behind the development of the game itself.

First things first, many of you are wondering how big H1Z1’s playable map will be. Though they have stated that the map will continue to grow in area, they did show off an early build of what they have so far. Check it out below:



This is, of course, a view of the ‘terrain’, meaning we don’t get to see any of the detailed buildings that are already populated within the world. SOE did, however, give us a glimpse of what apartment complexes would look like, and it seems like they will be rather large.

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Apartments will be filled with loot that can be stored in your backpacks, which was confirmed during the stream.

And it does look like the team is indeed listening to the community as many have requested that zombies have some sort of glow in their eyes. They showed off a new zombie design called Bob.

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All images come from the H1Z1 sub-reddit.


The developers have confirmed different types of weather, and even went as far as saying that they are thinking about adding natural disasters. SOE specifically mentioned “Tornados” and “Earthquakes” as examples.

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