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H1Z1 Update 2.10 June 11 Brings Season 8 Changes News 0

News 0 H1Z1 players, Season 8 for the game is starting today! Daybreak Games has released the H1Z1 update 2.10 June 11 patch while the game is undergoing maintenance. There are new season rewards, new gameplay changes and more. Read on below for the maintenance schedule and patch notes. H1Z1 update 2.10 June 11 patch notes: Maintenace […]

H1Z1 Update 2.09 Released News 0

News 0 Daybreak Games has released a new H1Z1 Battle Royale update and it’s out now! PS4 players will see this as H1Z1 update 2.09, and it brings a host of fixes to the game such as daily challenges fixes, a sale on items and more. H1Z1 update 2.09 patch notes: All daily challenges should now update […]

H1Z1 Update Reverts Back to 2-Year Old Patch for Season 3 and Now Known as Z1BR, Full Patch Notes Listed News 1

News 1 Who said gamers always want something new? Remember how H1Z1 was the original battle royale game all those years ago? While games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends have seemingly taken over the genre, H1Z1 is going back to its roots to reclaim its throne. With the start of Season 3: Return of the King, […]

H1Z1 Developer Daybreak Games Lays Off 70 People News 0

News 0 Here’s some bad news to ruin your weekend: H1Z1 developer Daybreak Games has reportedly laid off a chunk of its staff, with the layoffs affecting various departments within the studio. It’s estimated that the Daybreak Games layoffs amount to 70 people give or take based on Daybreak President John Smedley’s tweet which has since been […]

H1Z1: Just Survive Shutting Down This Coming October News 0

News 0 You know what they say, “every good thing must come to an end.” Or in this case, every game in in Early Access, doesn’t make it out of Early Access — even if it costs actual money to play, had microtransactions and so on. In a blog post, Daybreak Games has announced that Just Survive, […]

H1Z1 Developer Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs News 0

News 0 While H1Z1 is poised to hit the PlayStation 4 very soon, not everything is going well with the studio behind the game, Daybreak Games. In a statement sent out to media, Daybreak Games has confirmed that the studio has been hit with layoffs. “Daybreak confirms we are realigning our workforce to better position our company for […]

H1Z1 PS4 Beta Release Date Set for May 22, Full Game Will Be Free to Play News 0

News 0 In a press release, Daybreak Games has announced that the H1Z1 PS4 beta release date is set for May 22! What’s more, the full game will be free-to-play. According to Daybreak Games, the PS4 version of the original battle royale game has been designed specifically for the console, and will have a new weapons, weapons […]

H1Z1 Going Free to Play on Steam, “Appreciation Pack” Rewarded for Buyers News 3

News 3 If you ever wanted to play H1Z1 but didn’t have the dough (or didn’t want to fork any of it), then your patience has been rewarded! Daybreak Games has announced that H1z1 is going free to play (f2p)! More details about the H1Z1 f2p initiative can be read below. Starting today (10 a.m. PT), H1Z1 […]

H1Z1 Player Count Drops to 90 Percent Since It’s June 2017 Peak News 0

News 0 H1Z1 player count drops to just 8,000… Are you still playing Daybreak Games’ H1Z1? If you are, you might have seen a massive H1Z1 player count drop since last year. According to Steam Charts (via MMOGames), the H1Z1 player count has dropped from 150,000+ players, to just 8,000 from June 2017 this February 2018! While […]

PUBG Has a Big Problem, As This PUBG vs Fortnite vs H1Z1 Netcode Analysis Shows News 0

News 0 Ever wondered why PUBG seems to stutter during the initial phase of the game? Or why that stutter reappears at seemingly random points during the match? Well, Battle(Non)Sense’s netcode analysis video may be of interest to you. Battle(Non)Sense took at look at PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale, and H1Z1 to compare and contrast their netcode. Despite being the hit sensation that […]

H1Z1 Update Adds Combat Zone, Daily Challenges & More News 0

News 0 H1Z1‘s November patch implements a new combat zone, which allows you to practice combat mechanics by spawning in with a full kit and no need to parachute. In addition to this, several bug fixes and general improvements have been made, including: the time of day has been adjusted to improve visibility, also the chance to […]

H1Z1 Pro League Announced, First Season to Start in Early 2018 News 0

News 0 Daybreak Games’ H1Z1 is going to have its own league as the new H1Z1 Pro League has been announced. In partnership with Twin Galaxies, which will host the new Pro League Division for H1Z1, the press release states a “player-first” approach to the competition scene, with a guaranteed player minimum salary (baseline salary of $50K), […]

H1Z1 Developer: There Wouldn’t Be PUBG Without H1Z1, Claims It’s a “Fast Follow” Opportunity News 6

News 6 At this point in time, there’s no denying that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a massive success. While there are millions of people playing it, it’s not the first game of its kind. Games like DayZ and even H1Z1 came out before PUBG, though they didn’t have this level of success. Speaking to IGN, H1Z1 developer Daybreak […]

New H1Z1: King of the Kill Update Adds New Weapon, Overhauls Combat News 0

News 0 Daybreak Games has released a rather hefty H1Z1: King of the Kill update, and not only does it add a new weapon, but it significantly changes the game’s combat. Make no mistake, this is one BIG update, that there’s even “Combat Update Goals” from the studio which we’ll link to later. According to Daybreak, the […]

H1Z1 to Change Name, Update Adds New Map, and Lots More News 1

News 1 In a press release, Daybreak Games has announced that H1Z1 will now be known simply as “Just Survive” to further separate itself from the H1Z1 universe. This rebranding is said to represent the studio’s “evolved vision” for the game, and lay out the foundation for future updates to come. Speaking of updates, Daybreak Games has […]

Zombie Survival Game H1Z1 Hits Early Access On Steam Today News 46

News 46 H1Z1, the open-world zombie survival MMO game from Sony Online Entertainment, arrives on Steam today as an Early Access title. According to SOE President John Smedly, zombie survivalists will be able to start downloading at 1PM Pacific, mere minutes away from this writing. You’ll find it on Steam for $19.99, including a second SKU for $39.99. […]

H1Z1 Officially Announced For The PS4, Over An Hour Of New Footage News 38

News 38 Though Sony Online Entertainment has stated multiple times already that they were planning on bringing it to the PlayStation 4. Today, the studio confirmed that that will indeed be the case. John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, confirmed the news during yesterday’s SOE Live. Along with this announcement, they also held a Survival Challenge for […]

New H1Z1 Gameplay Commentary Highlights Crafting, Vehicles, and Combat News 44

News 44 If you can’t get enough post-apocalyptic zombie-survival sandbox gameplay, H1Z1 developer Sony Online Entertainment may have just the thing, especially for those who weren’t quite able to make it down to E3 2014 this year. After things have quieted down following the events, SOE and Game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt have put together this short video demonstration of […]

H1Z1 E3 2014 Trailer Revealed News 17

News 17 Sony Online Entertainment has revealed the E3 2014 Trailer of H1Z1. H1Z1 is set to release on Steam Early Access sometimes this soon. Expect more details on the date at this year’s Sony conference.

Your Multiplayer Shooter Guide to E3 2014 News 48

News 48 It’s early May, and that can only mean one thing: We’re one month away from the gaming industry’s biggest show, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, held in Los Angeles, California on June 10-12. This year, we anticipate next-gen gaming to really get the ball rolling with exciting announcements in both the software and hardware space. But, hey, […]

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