H1Z1 Player Count Drops to 90 Percent Since It’s June 2017 Peak

h1z1 player count

H1Z1 player count drops to just 8,000…

Are you still playing Daybreak Games’ H1Z1? If you are, you might have seen a massive H1Z1 player count drop since last year.

According to Steam Charts (via MMOGames), the H1Z1 player count has dropped from 150,000+ players, to just 8,000 from June 2017 this February 2018! While the game seemed poised for success in 2017 due to eSports activity, and even an hour-long special aired on US TV called H1Z1: Fight for the Crown, it failed to maintain its momentum, and was leapfrogged in terms of Twitch views by other battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Epic Games’ Fortnite.

While 8,000+ players still show a very active player base, the fact that it dropped over 100,000 players in less than 12 months isn’t very good news for H1Z1. Is this the end of H1Z1? Maybe, maybe not. Don’t forget, there’s a pro league for the game announced last year, which should start in “early 2018,” which could jumpstart interest in the game once again.

If you want more comparisons between H1Z1, Fornite and PUBG, check out this netcode analysis video to see who fares the best out of the three. Also, the developers of H1Z1 thinks there won’t be PUBG without their game, and also think PUBG is a “fast-follow” opportunity.

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