Hades Update 1.03 Dashes Out This September 14

Hades Update 1.03

Supergiant Games has released the Hades update 1.03 (PS5 version 1.003) this September 14, and it’s for more fixes. This seems to be a console-only update, and doesn’t include any new features or content.

Hades Update 1.03 Patch Notes | Hades Update 1.003 Patch Notes:

This is what Supergiant Games has announced today:

Hades players on Xbox, we recently pushed an update that should address issues with achievements not always unlocking when expected. Thank you for playing! #HadesGame

That’s about it. We’ll be on the lookout if there are more changes that affect the PlayStation version of the game. If you spot anything, please let us know what you find down in the comments.

If you haven’t played Hades yet, you really, really ought to, as it’s one of our Game of the Year candidates! Our review is here, where we state, “Supergiant Games have done here is perfectly capture the roguelite experience, all while adding their own, unique twist in the mix, that not only works, but feels like a step forward for the genre as a whole. It sets a golden standard, one that hopefully others follow.”

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