Halo 4: A First Look Including Multiplayer Footage

343 Industries brings Halo fans all over the world a first look into Master Chief’s brand new adventure in a behind-the-scenes video showing off both the single-player and multiplayer of Halo 4.

343i states that all multiplayer maps would be created from scratch, meaning nothing will be recycled from the single-player campaign. They will be built from the ground up and crafted with competitive players in mind. Also of note is that the fan-favorite Battle Rifle will be making a return.

We’re working within the constraints of what makes Halo Halo, but trying to make every aspect of it bigger and better.

Interestingly, 343i is also taking a taking a different approach to the story of multiplayer, stating, “we’ve created a fairly compelling and fairly convincing why red Spartans can fight blue Spartans.”

Look for more Halo 4 right here on MP1st. For now, lets take a first look at Halo 4.

[youtube id=”f6UL63Zo-uo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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