Halo 4 Multiplayer Map ‘Longbow’ Detailed, Screens Released

For those Halo fans out there who loved the multiplayer maps, Snowbound and Sidewinder, you’ll be excited to hear that 343 Industries is bringing back the snow in Halo 4 with “Longbow”.

Players who enjoy either infantry or vehicle combat will be happy to know that the map supports both. “On foot, players will notice it’s mostly a mid-to-long range map with pockets of close range combat in and around the base structures.” 343 wrote on Waypoint,  “However, there are plenty of vehicles (currently Warthogs, Mongooses, and Ghosts) and routes through the map that will make fans of vehicular combat happy.”

As to why 343 settled on another snow themed map, “We experimented with having extremes of Fire and Ice on opposite sides, but ultimately decided a glacier theme fit better with the spectrum of themes from other maps. The look and feel really took off from there to be distinctive and atmospheric.

“The goal of Longbow was to create a playspace that showcases one of our new (and unannounced) game modes. Early in development, we considered several options, including making it something like a big Arecibo-type telescope built into a valley.”

Down below you’ll find some fresh new screenshots of Longbow along with a short description of how the map fits in the Halo universe.

“Located in the northern polar region of the planet Concord, the frigid climate and unique gravitational conditions provide an optimal perch for Longbow Station’s channel-based mass drivers. Before the Covenant War, the UEG launched deep space monitoring relays from here in an effort to study far-flung star systems.”

James Lara

A gamer at heart, James has been working for MP1st for the last decade to do exactly what he loves, writing about video games and having fun doing it. Growing up in the 90's gaming has been in his DNA since the days of NES. One day he hopes to develop his own game.

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