Halo 4 “Team Throwdown” Competitive Playlist – Full Details

Tomorrow, Monday, February 18, 343 Industries will be going live with Halo 4’s official competitive playlist: Team Throwdown.

On the Halo Waypoint, an administrator recently posted the final settings that will be used for the playlist. Check them out below:

Overall Settings

“The following will be applied to the entire playlist and all game types.”

  • Friendly Fire: Enabled
  • Game Length: 15 minutes
  • Custom Loadouts: Disabled
  • Death Cam: Disabled
  • Initial Ordnance: Enabled
  • Random Ordnance: Enabled – Used to create static weapon spawns
  • Personal Ordnance: Enabled in BR start / v2 settings:
    • Left: Thruster Pack
    • Down: Hologram
    • Right: Hardlight Shield
  • Personal Ordnance: Disabled in “Deluxe” settings
  • Split-Screen: Enabled
  • Guests: Disabled
  • Sensor Mode: Allied movement – 25 meters
  • Player Speed: 110%
  • Overshield: 200%
  • Power Weapon / Powerup Spawns:
    • Railgun: 2:00
    • Sticky Detonator: 2:00
    • Energy Sword: 2:00
    • Sniper Rifle: 2:00
    • Incineration Cannon: 3:00
    • Rockets: 3:00
    • Overshield: 2:00

“The playlist will launch with two different variants in the voting options:”

BR Start Settings

“These variants are the “v2” settings that have become popular within the competitive community. In the playlist voting options, they will appear as “Slayer BRs,” Extraction BRs,” etc. These settings will only feature one loadout:”

v2 Game Loadout

  • Starting Weapon Battle Rifle
  • Secondary None
  • Grenades 2x Frags
  • Armor Abilities None
  • Tactical Mod Resupply
  • Support Mod Explosives

These settings will be available in the first and second voting slot at launch. Now, onto the new settings that we’ll be testing out in the Team Throwdown playlist.

“Deluxe” settings

“These variants were developed with help from veteran competitive players Walshy, StrongSide, and Ghostayame. We will be testing these variants in the Team Throwdown playlist, and they will only be available in the third voting option at time of launch. The goal of these settings is to offer a very different option from the BR start / v2 settings – Deluxe will feature 3 different starting rifles: the DMR, Battle Rifle, and Light Rifle – all mixed across 5 different loadouts. Additionally, to balance these rifles, we’ve added select armor abilities, tactical packages, and support upgrades to the loadout options. Here they are:”

Deluxe Game Loadouts

Loadout 1
  • Primary Weapon – DMR
  • Secondary Weapon – None
  • Grenades – 2x Plasma
  • Armor Ability – None
  • Tactical Package – Shielding
  • Support Upgrade – None
Loadout 2
  • Primary Weapon – Battle Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon – None
  • Grenades – 2x Frag
  • Armor Ability – Hologram
  • Tactical Package – Resupply
  • Support Upgrade – Dexterity
Loadout 3
  • Primary Weapon – Battle Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon – None
  • Grenades – 2x Pulse
  • Armor Ability – Hardlight Shield
  • Tactical Package – Mobility
  • Support Upgrade – Sensor
Loadout 4
  • Primary Weapon – Battle Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon – None
  • Grenades – 2x Frag
  • Armor Ability – Thruster Pack
  • Tactical Package – Grenadier
  • Support Upgrade – Awareness
Loadout 5
  • Primary Weapon – LightRifle
  • Secondary Weapon – None
  • Grenades – 2x Frag
  • Armor Ability – Regeneration Field
  • Tactical Package – AA Efficiency
  • Support Upgrade – Ammo

“These loadout options were the result of extensive brainstorming, testing, and modifying with professional players, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. In the Deluxe settings, you’ll notice that each loadout can play a distinct role, and it is our hope that these loadouts are not only balanced, but allow for interesting and evolving strategy. For consistency and comparison purposes, the Deluxe settings will feature the same overall game and map settings as the BR start / v2 game types, but personal ordnance will be disabled entirely, as discussed earlier.”

“Here are the game types and maps that will be featured for both variants:”

Team Slayer

  • 50 points to win, kill point = 1 point
  • Maps: Abandon, Haven, Shutout, Simplex, Solace


  • 5 points to win, 1 active site, sequential site movement, 5 second arm and conversion time, total extraction time = 1 minute per location, conversion timer pause enabled
  • Maps: Dispatch, Haven

King of the Hill

  • 250 points to win, progressive hill movement, hill move: 2 minutes, hill spawn penalty disabled
  • Maps: Shutout


  • Adrift – 5 flags to win, 15 second flag reset, 3 second flag return, flag at home
  • Simplex -5 flags to win, 15 second flag reset, 3 second flag return, flag at home
  • Solace – 3 flags to win, 15 second flag reset, no flag return, flag does NOT need to be at home
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