Halo 4 Vortex and Exile Walkthrough With New Extraction Gameplay

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We take a look at a couple more Halo 4 walkthroughs, this time of the new maps Vortex and Exile, with the former being unveiled last week.



Also, check out this compilation of gameplays, including some from Major Nelson’s recent livestream.

Infinity Slayer on Haven

First gameplay of the new Extraction mode on Meltdown

CTF on Ragnarok

King of The Hill on Complex

Infinity Slayer on Solace

Infinity Slayer on Adrift

Infinity Slayer on Haven

Infinity Slayer Ragnarok

Infinity Slayer on Adrift

Solace (Matchmaking Explained)

Lastly, definitely check out this amazing Halo 4 montage.

New Multiplayer Montage

Thanks to IGN, EGL, Bravo and Halo Waypoint!

If you haven’t noticed, reviews are coming in and critics are loving Halo 4. We’ll undoubtedly have our own opinion soon, so stay tuned. Halo 4 is almost here!

Thats it for today, hope you guys enjoy. Check back soon for more Halo 4 coverage and MP1st videos.

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