Halo Infinite Split Screen Support Confirmed for 2 Players, 4-Player Online Co-Op Campaign

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While most of the chatter surrounding Halo Infinite has been about the game’s graphics when our first look at gameplay was revealed, there’s a lot more the shooter can offer aside from graphics, and one of them is the confirmation of Halo Infinite split screen support!

343 Industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite split screen will be available for two players, while four-player campaign co-op will be available online! This little nugget of info was confirmed by Jeremy Hook, Head of Design at 343 Industries over on Twitter, where he corrected reports about four-player split screen being available.

Hey everyone I saw some reports of campaign supporting 4 player Split screen for campaign and just want to correct. Halo Infinite will be supporting 2 player split screen and 4 player online co-op for campaign. Sorry about the confusion. #haloinfinte

In more Halo Infinite multiplayer (yes, co-op counts as multiplayer), 343 has confirmed that the grappling hook will be available for use in the multiplayer, though it’ll funciton differently than in the campaign.

These new additions to the sandbox will also carry over to multiplayer, however they’ll function a bit differently as equipment items that can be picked up on the map. We look forward to talking more about multiplayer details soon.

As for when we’ll get actual PvP multiplayer. 343 says that the studio will be “back soon” with more details, though no specific date was mentioned, nor was it made known what we’ll see when the multiplayer is revealed.

Source: Halo Waypoint