Halo Infinite Tenrai Event Returns Today Till August 1, Will Arrive Again on September 19

halo infinite tenrai

343 Industries has just announced a new Halo Infinite Tenrai event, which will feature a new super bundle and event pass. The event goes live today and will run until August 1, with another Tenrai event planned for September 19 later this season.

A new trailer for the Tenrai event has also been released. Check it out:

Tenrai, for those unfamiliar with Halo’s lore, is a “Fracture” of the Halo universe (sort of like an alternate universe) that’s samurai-inspired, with the once-warring 343 clans of the Imperial court taking up arms together against the Covenant.

The Tenrai II event will include a free 10-tier Event pass, and you can earn cosmetics for your YOROI armor by playing. A new super bundle, titled the “Dragonborn bundle,” will include three bundles at a discount. Buying this new bundle will also net you an exclusive Mythic Effect Set as well as the Dragonborn Noble shoulders. Completing your weekly challenges rewards you with Highlit Steel, an armor coating for your YOROI armor.

And if that wasn’t enough Tenrai content for you, 343 Industries has also announced that they will be having another YOROI-centric event this season, with Tenrai III slated to run on September 19. It will also contain a free 10-tier Event Pass as well as more customization options to play for.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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