Halo Infinite Update 1.3266 Patch Notes, Out This December 15

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343 Industries has released the first client-side patch for Halo Infinite’s campaign! The Halo Infinite update 1.3266.27842.0 is out, and it has a slew of bug fixes, and even the server-side changes that were rolled out earlier this week were listed too. Read on for the full patch notes below.

Halo Infinite Update 1.3266 Patch Notes | Halo Infinite Update 1.3266.27842.0 Patch Notes:

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The following issues were resolved by the December 15 Hotfix.


  • Improvements to online service connections after re-entering Halo Infinite using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S consoles. Players should see quicker and more stable reconnections to our services.


  • MJOLNIR Armor Locker customizations collected in Campaign are now consistently unlocked in the Multiplayer Customization menu.
    • Players who did not receive their customizations, either due to losing their internet connection or using Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S consoles, should now have their customizations unlocked.
  • Xbox Achievement reliability has been improved in this update.
    • Achievements no longer track progress toward their completion, but will unlock as expected when their conditions are met.
    • If an Achievement’s conditions were met prior to this update but the Achievement did not unlock as completed yet, it should unlock after installing this update and continuing Campaign gameplay.

December 14 Playlist and Service Update 

New Matchmaking playlists are being introduced:

  • Team Slayer
  • Free-For-All (FFA) Slayer
  • Fiesta Slayer
  • Tactical Slayer

If you do not see these playlists in-game, close and re-launch Halo Infinite to ensure you’ve received the latest changes. The Matchmaking playlist menu scrolls as well, so ensure you’ve scrolled down to view all available options.

Challenge changes:

  • Easing or removal of some difficult Challenges
  • Weekly Ultimate Challenges are now less intensive
  • New Challenges specific to New Playlists added in this update
  • New type of Challenge that rewards in-game Personal Score

Event changes:

  • More Event Challenges appear when an Event is active

More information is available in Halo Waypoint News: Halo Infinite Playlist and Challenge Update.

Once we know of the next Halo Infinite patch, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Halo Waypoint Support

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