Halo Infinite Will Allow Players to Drop Weapons, FOV Slider Confirmed for Consoles

halo infinite drop weapons

With the Halo Infinite Technical Preview going live this weekend for those who got the lucky email, 343 Industries has kicked off what’s going to take place by hosting a a first look at Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay today.

In the Twitch presentation where the studio showcased the game, 343 Industries has confirmed that players will now be able to drop weapons in Halo Infinite — which is a first in franchise history! During the video presentation, 343 Industries Producer of Live Operations Sam Hanshaw went over the options menu where the “drop weapon” button can be seen on both the Xbx controller and on keyboard! We’ve even taken screenshots for those who weren’t able to see it:

During the presentation, Hanshaw even acknowledged how veteran Halo nultiplayer gamers can use this simple but new feature to help newbies stating, ““It’s been quite fun to use, especially when you’re playing with some less experienced players, you can secure rockets for them and hand it over to them and they get to play around with a power weapon they might not normally have gotten.”

In addition to that, an FOV (Field of View) slider has been confirmed for consoles too! During the show, Brian Jarrad, Community Director of Halo at 343 Industries confirmed that the slider will be coming to multiple platforms on day one! Here’s a screengrab of the options menu where we can see it:

If you somehow didn’t get a Technical Preview invite when it went out yesterday, don’t fret! MP1st is in the tech test and we’ll be dishing out gameplay footage and other info the moment we can, so stay tuned!

Halo Infinte is set for release this holiday on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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