Halo MCC Insider Flight Client Illegally Distributed Online, 343 Warns of Bans for Current Future Programs

halo mcc insider flight

For those looking forward to the Halo Master Chief Collection (Halo MCC) on PC, some of you might be fortunate enough that you’re part of group of people picked to be part o the Halo MCC Insider Flight program currently going on right now. Well, it seems even those who didn’t get access are playing it, through illegal means.

This was confirmed by 343 Industries in a forum post stating that the studio knows about the Halo MCC Insider Flight has been illegally distributed online, and issued a warning that people partaking in this illegally will have their accounts banned from all current and future 343 programs.

Given how you need to sign in to Xbox Live in order to run the client, this isn’t surprising at all that 343 Industries has caught on. Also of note, the Halo MCC Insider Flight client that’s out now is just one level from Halo: Reach’s single-player campaign, which honestly makes this not worth having your account banned over for, no?

Are you one of the people playing the or in the Halo MCC Insider Flight program now? Do you think people should stop sharing it illegally or should Microsoft have known this would happen?

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