Halo’s Arbiter Teased As Guest Character For Killer Instinct Season 3

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Just when you thought Killer Instinct‘s roster couldn’t get more interesting (remember Rash from the Battletoads series ?), Iron Galaxy and Microsoft drop a new fighter announcement that fans of the Halo games will definitely want to see.

During the Halo 5 X-Games tournament, IG teased the Arbiter from the Halo universe as the second character coming to the third season of Killer Instinct. Check out the short vid in the featured section above.

Alongside the Arbiter tease, a nunchaku-wielding fighter named Kim Wu was also revealed to be a playable character in the upcoming season. You can watch her in action in the video below:

Killer Instinct’s Season 3 is set to launch sometime this year for PC and Xbox One.