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Killer Instinct Steam Release Now Available, No Longer a Windows 10 Exclusive News 0

News 0 Iron Galaxy’s fighting game Killer Instinct released on Steam today, after previously only being on Xbox One and Windows 10. This means that a lot more PC players can now access the game, providing they pay the $39.99 price tag. Check it out here. Here’s a rundown on the Steam release’s features: Discover your Killer Instinct! […]

Gears of War’s General Raam Joins The Killer Instinct Universe News 1

News 1 With Rash from Battletoads and Arbiter from the Halo series now playable characters in Killer Instinct, one is left to wonder who else can Iron Galaxy add to their already diverse character roster. How about Gears of War? At this year’s E3 presentation, the studio announced that none other than General Raam from the Gears Of War […]

Halo’s Arbiter Teased As Guest Character For Killer Instinct Season 3 News 2

News 2 Just when you thought Killer Instinct‘s roster couldn’t get more interesting (remember Rash from the Battletoads series ?), Iron Galaxy and Microsoft drop a new fighter announcement that fans of the Halo games will definitely want to see. During the Halo 5 X-Games tournament, IG teased the Arbiter from the Halo universe as the second […]

EVO 2015 Is This Weekend – Here’s When & Where To Watch This Year’s Biggest Fighting Game Tournament News 5

News 5 Get ready to fight! This weekend marks the return of the biggest fighting game tournament the video game world has ever come to know. The Evolution Championship Series 2015 takes place July 17-19 at Bally’s / Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, bringing in gamers from around the world, both returning champions and unknown names, to […]

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition & Killer Instinct Announced For Windows 10 News 19

News 19 Respective studios working on the Gears of War and Killer Instinct franchises have announced at E3 2015 that their latest projects will be heading to Microsoft’s Windows 10. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was unveiled as a new Xbox One title — now in beta — earlier this week by The Coalition’s Rod Ferguson as a completely remastered […]

Killer Instinct 2 Fighter Maya Returns in Killer Instinct Xbox One Season Two News 3

News 3 During day one of this weekend’s Evolution Fighting Championship 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Killer Instinct developers Iron Galaxy took a moment to detail some of the new features and tweaks coming to Season Two of the Xbox One-exclusive fighter. Earlier, we learned Season Two would introduce original Killer Instinct fighter TJ Combo as well as a […]

Watch The Evolution Fighting Championship 2014 This Weekend – Official Twitch Schedules News 6

News 6 This year’s Evolution Fighting Championship is about to kick things off in Las Vegas and we now have official Twitch schedule so you don’t miss a thing. The mayhem begins this Friday, July 11 and concludes on Sunday, July 13. The tournament will be streamed from two different stages while Capcom will be hosting it’s […]

Season 2 of Killer Instinct Will Include “Air-Combos,” New Modes, And More News 1

News 1 After getting our first glimpse at the second season of Killer Instinct earlier last morning, it appears that new details have emerged of the Xbox One exclusive fighter. According to tweets from CDjr, a well-known professional player within the fighting game community, additional features and details have been spotted the following image about Killer Instinct’s second season: From the looks […]

Killer Instinct: Season Two Starts Off With TJ Combo, Teases Cinder News 4

News 4 Are you ready for the second season of Killer Instinct? If so, get ready for round two rebooted fighter this Fall season. We already know season two of Killer Instinct is going to be chalk full of surprises and won’t be arriving empty handed. The first character you can expect to launch alongside the second season is […]

Killer Instinct – Check Out Sadira’s Classic Costume In Action News 0

News 0 While Adam Isgreen, creative director over at Microsoft, hinted at the classic costume of Killer Instinct character, Sadira, a few weeks ago, it looks like we’re getting our first look today. Sadira’s rumored alternate costume has been outed thanks to YouTuber Gaming Skulls. Check out the video above. (Note that it is in Spanish.) In recent Killer Instinct […]

Killer Instinct Season Two Will Contain 8 More Characters News 3

News 3 Microsoft developers discuss Killer Instinct and its future during yet another Play XBLA stream. This week, we learn about plans for the Season Two of the fighting game in the hands of new developer, Iron Galaxy. Season Two, much like the first season, will add eight new characters to Killer Instinct’s roster. Exactly which characters […]

Killer Instinct – More Season Two Hints Dropped News 6

News 6 With the release of the Fulgore update that added the new character and included the much requested Story Mode and Online Lobbies, Microsoft is now dropping more hints for Season Two of Double Helix’s – now Iron Galaxy’s – Killer Instinct Xbox One remake. But first, here’s a look at Fulgore’s leaked classic costume. It appears that one […]

Killer Instinct – Fulgore Update Now Live, Season Two Boss Will Be a Playable Character News 4

News 4 Update Reports are coming in that the 6.8GB update is now beginning to roll out. It includes Fulgore, Story Mode and Online Lobbies. Here’s a look at some of Fulgore’s customization items: Fulgore, Killer Instinct’s final character add-on for Season One, is arriving tomorrow alongside the inclusion of the long awaited Online Lobbies and Story Mode […]

Get a Closer Look At Killer Instinct’s Fulgore News 5

News 5 As per usual, Microsoft developers held their weekly stream discussing upcoming changes and features coming to the Xbox One-exclusive fighter, Killer Instinct. This week’s stream discussed the recently revealed Fulgore, the final add-on character for Season One of Killer Instinct. Developers gave a rundown og some of his mechanics, including his “Reactor Gauge” that replaces how Shadow […]

Killer Instinct Season 2 To Be Composed Of Returning And New Characters News 6

News 6 Work on Killer Instinct’s season 2 is now underway with Iron Galaxy at the helm of the game’s development. Microsoft’s creative director, Adam Isgreen, announced on Twitter that with the launch of Season 2, fans of the revived fighter can expect returning characters from the previous installments of the series, along with brand new characters. Additionally, much […]

Killer Instinct – Fulgore and New Modes Arrive in April 9 Update, New Devs Revealed News 6

News 6 Iron Galaxy will head up the Xbox One-exclusive fighter, Killer Instinct, following Amazon’s acquisition of ex-developers Double Helix. “This is an amazing opportunity to work on a game and a genre we are super passionate about,” Iron Galaxy CEO Dave Lang told Polygon in a recent interview. “Before we were ever talking about this, I […]

Killer Instinct – Spinal’s Classic Outfit Leaked News 1

News 1 Much like Thunder, who’s costume was leaked before it was even announced or made available for download, it appears that Spinal’s classic Killer Instinct costume has also been leaked before an any official announcement. The leaked Spinal’s classic outfit comes from “Bennijin” over on Double Helix’s forum, who has managed to discover the unreleased costume. You […]

New Killer Instinct Devs To Be Revealed After Fulgore’s Release, Lobbies To Include 8 Players News 5

News 5 This week’s Killer Instinct Play XBLA stream is filled with interesting tidbits of info on the game’s future. According to the stream, Killer Instinct’s new developers will be revealed some time after the new character Fulgore is released to the public. However, as we reported earlier, Microsoft’s creative director Adam Isgreen stated that the new character, alongside the rest […]

Killer Instinct – Fulgore, Story Mode, and Online Lobbies Could Be Delayed News 7

News 7 Bad news for Killer Instinct fans. The much awaited March update that was set to add story mode, online lobbies, and the final character for season one of Killer Instinct, Fulgore, might see a delay. The announcement comes from Microsoft’s creative director, Adam Isgreen, who took to NeoGAF to deliver that bad news: “We are still […]

Killer Instinct – Thunder’s Classic Costume Accidently Leaked News 9

News 9 Those of you who enjoy playing as Thunder in the Xbox One fighter, Killer Instinct, may be in for a special treat. A recent glitch appears to have revealed Thunder’s classic outfit that will presumably be available as DLC in the near future. Check it out in the video above. Unfortunately, Thunder isn’t sporting the […]

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