Killer Instinct 2 Fighter Maya Returns in Killer Instinct Xbox One Season Two

During day one of this weekend’s Evolution Fighting Championship 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Killer Instinct developers Iron Galaxy took a moment to detail some of the new features and tweaks coming to Season Two of the Xbox One-exclusive fighter.

Earlier, we learned Season Two would introduce original Killer Instinct fighter TJ Combo as well as a new “Air Combo” mechanic.

During their panel, Iron Galaxy confirmed Killer Instinct 2 fighter Maya would also make a return in Season Two, along with a new stage. New mechanics like Stage Ultras, Air Counter Breakers, will also be introduced, as well as new features, modes, and changes to previously existing characters. Check out a panel summary below, as well as some off-screen pictures, courtesy of Eventhubs.

Killer Instinct Panel Summery

  • Season Two will introduce Air Counter Breakers, available to all characters
  • Season Two will introduce “Stage Ultras”
  • Season Two will be “bigger and badder” with more features and modes, including new ladder systems
  • Season Two will introduce more new content than Season One
  • Season Two will feature improved classic costumes in order to match original outfits more precisely
  • Season Two will add significantly to Killer Instinct’s story
  • Maya’s stage is set in South America
  • Maya’s use of daggers changed the combat system
  • Rank limit will exceed 40
  • There will be no violent “Fatalities”
  • Returning characters will undergo changes
  • Fulgore tweaks will make him more accessible


Killer Instinct Season Two arrives this fall on Xbox One. What other returning characters would you like to see?

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