Killer Instinct – Fulgore Update Now Live, Season Two Boss Will Be a Playable Character


Reports are coming in that the 6.8GB update is now beginning to roll out. It includes Fulgore, Story Mode and Online Lobbies. Here’s a look at some of Fulgore’s customization items:


Fulgore, Killer Instinct’s final character add-on for Season One, is arriving tomorrow alongside the inclusion of the long awaited Online Lobbies and Story Mode updates.

You can now view the upcoming achievements associated with Killer Instinct’s favorite robot below, courtesy of Killer Instinct Central:

  • Fulgore Novice (20)
    • You have reached 30 fight titles with Fulgore!
  • Battle-worn Fulgore (10)
    • You have won 20 ranked matches as Fulgore!
  • Stylish Fulgore (10)
    • You have purchased a skin for Fulgore!
  • Supreme Fulgore (10)
    • You have earned a Supreme Victory in an online match as Fulgore!
  • Fulgore’s Endurance (10)
    • You have defeated 10 opponents in one Survival as Fulgore!
  • Fulgore’s Matchups (15)
    • You have defeated 6 different characters in online matches as Fulgore!
  • Fulgore Chosen One (10)
    • You have completed 200 matches as Fulgore!
  • Sparring Fulgore (5)
    • You have won a versus match as Fulgore!
  • Friendly Fulgore (10)
    • You have won an exhibition match vs a friend as Fulgore!
  • Survival Fulgore (5)
    • You have won a survival match as Fulgore!
  • Fulgore Master (10)
    • You have reached 150 Fight Titles with Fulgore!
  • Fulgore Apprentice (20)
    • You have reached 80 Fight Titles with Fulgore!
  • Competitive Fulgore (5)
    • You have won a ranked match as Fulgore!
  • Fulgore’s Devastation Beam (10)
    • You hit an opponent with the Devastation Beam while in Instinct Mode

Additionally, for those who missed last week’s PlayXBLA stream, Microsoft developers gave up a few small details surrounding Season Two content, revealing that it will include a “really nasty” boss that will also be a playable character.

No date was given as to when we can expect Killer Instinct Season Two to begin, but they did say that they will reveal a release date soon.

Furthermore, they also revealed that Iron Galaxy, the studio who will be taking over Double Helix after they were bought out by Amazon, will be as consistent as Double Helix in terms of development. So those who were worried about the quality of Season Two for Killer Instinct need not worry.

Which character would you love to see featured as the boss for Season Two?

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