Killer Instinct – More Season Two Hints Dropped

With the release of the Fulgore update that added the new character and included the much requested Story Mode and Online Lobbies, Microsoft is now dropping more hints for Season Two of Double Helix’s – now Iron Galaxy’s – Killer Instinct Xbox One remake.

But first, here’s a look at Fulgore’s leaked classic costume.

[youtube id=”BQASprxwr9o”]

It appears that one Shadow Jago’s Ultimate Combos will finally make it to the game after developers discussed the possibility of adding it in for Season Two.

Check out this clip of Shadow Jago performing his Ultimate Combos below:

[youtube id=”elDlwexoByQ”]

Microsoft also says that Iron Galaxy is well under way with Season Two and that we can expect a trailer when ever they’re ready to give us a glimpse.

The next bit of news is going to interest fans of Riptor, as she may be included somewhere down the line for Season Two. You can expect her to play much like her original character.

Lastly, developers insisted that patch notes for the recent update will be released “soon”.

Before reading on, spoilers about the recently released story mode for Killer Instinct are ahead. Please read at your own discretion.

Completing the grueling story mode and defeating Shadow Jago, Double Helix has not only revealed the boss for Ultra Tech, the mega company responsible for creating and starting the Killer Instinct tournament, but also hinted that Aria, the head honcho of UltraTech, will be the Season Two’s boss.

Unfortunately, from the footage shown after completing story mode, we don’t get a good glimpse of what Aria really looks like, aside from this silhouette:


Not much is known about the Aria, aside from being Ultra Tech’s boss and a really “nasty character”, according to Microsoft developers.

Are you looking forward to season two of Killer Instinct with Iron Galaxy?

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