Haven Studios PS5 Game to Have “Evolving” Online Components; Plans to Push Console With Mark Cerny’s Help

Haven Studios Live service PS5 Multiplayer Game

Haven Studios may not yet be ready to announce their game yet, but studio founder and industry veteran Jade Raymond has shed a bit of light on the project and their collaboration with PlayStation.

Speaking to the Montreal news publication, Le Devior, studio head and founder of Haven Studios, Jade Raymond along with founders Paola Jouyaux, and Pierre- François “Sapin” Sapinski, confirmed that the title they were working would feature scalable, evolving online environments. The specifics as to what exactly that meant weren’t expanded much upon, but here is what Jouyaux had to say.

These environments are not just games, they are also social platforms for many players,” says Paola Jouyaux. It has to stay that way. To last, a game must remain pleasant to visit.

From that exert, this sounds like a “live service” type of game, which shouldn’t come much of a surprise considering that PlayStation recently said they at least 10 live service games by 2026. With Bungie now under the PlayStation brand, the hope is that PlayStation will be able to learn from the studio’s knowledge, and apply that knowledge to other studios. This most likely includes Haven Studios, despite it being an independent studio, meaning one not under the PlayStation umbrella.

Further in the interview, Raymond and Paulo Jouyaux commented on their collaboration with PlayStation, and how Mark Cerny, the mind behind the PS5 architect, will help them push the console to its limits.

 “We will have the opportunity to work with people at Sony who are among the best in the world in their field. This will allow us to create the best quality games”

Hopefully it isn’t long from now that we finally see what Haven Studios has been working on. Fingers crossed it’s later this year.

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