Sony Plans to Release 10 Live Service Games by 2026

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While discussing the recent acquisition of Bungie by Sony for 3.6 billion dollars, Hiroki Totoki, the Chief Financial Officer of Sony, revealed the company’s plan to launch 10 live service games for Playstation by 2022.  He also shared the company’s plans to harness Bungie’s experience in the live service space.

Although it doesn’t clearly indicate that Bungie will work on any of these live service games, it’s probable that the studio’s major new IP, which has been defined as a multiplayer action game will be included in that release timetable. In addition, Sony hasn’t officially announced that these titles will be released on the PS5 and whether they will be released on the PS4, or other platforms are much less certain. However, it’s quite likely that Bungie’s new IP will be released on other platforms.

“Our studios will learn from Bungie, that is a strong wish we have the Bungie side is willing to work closely with us,” Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki Totoki stated during the call.

While these live service games have yet to be confirmed, a number of Sony studios are currently working on multiplayer titles that potentially include live service components.

Bungie has been working on a new IP outside of the Destiny universe, the studio’s first new IP in nearly a decade. It hasn’t been announced whether or not this game will be live service, but given Bungie’s experience and Sony’s drive into the live service arena, it seems plausible. While the new Bungie IP appears to be the most likely to be a live service game, PlayStation Studios is working on a few multiplayer projects that appear to be poised for live service.

Insomniac Games, the developer of Marvel’s Spider-Man, was hiring for a multiplayer project in 2021, as was Sucker Punch, the developer of Ghost of Tsushima, and Naughty Dog has been working on its’ first standalone multiplayer, which is a spin-off of The Last of Us 2. We also know that Sony has teamed up with Deviation Games, which is made up of ex-Treyarch devs, to work on a new IP, and PlayStation and Firewalk Studios have a publishing partnership to develop a new multiplayer IP. Assuming that all of these games include live service elements, then that leaves four games unaccounted for.

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