Hell Let Loose Roadmap for 2023 Revealed; Includes New Content, Systems, and a Merch Store

hell let loose roadmap for 2023

A plethora of future content has been announced in World War 2 shooter Hell Let Loose, with new game modes and maps for players to try out and new forces to play as. A recently released Hell Let Loose Roadmap for 2023 revealed all the upcoming content for the game from April to December this year.

The roadmap was originally teased last February alongside an announcement that Hell Let Loose would be spearheaded by Team17 instead of Black Matter, the game’s previous devs. Here’s the full roadmap for those curious:

Hell Let Loose Roadmap for 2023:

hell let loose roadmap for 2023

And here’s a 10-minute video focusing on the 2023 roadmap by the Hell Let Loose developers:

Among the various updates planned for the game, Hell Let Loose is set to introduce new forces in the British, Finnish, and Polish forces. New game modes are also planned for 2023, including “Objective,” and “Skirmish.” For those who are interested in a change of scenery, new maps will also be added throughout the year.

Aside from regular content updates, players can also expect a merch store for Hell Let Loose to go live sometime this June if you’re interested in picking up fan merch for the game. New systems will also one introduced to Hell Let Loose, such as improved audio and soundtrack for the game and a new clan system, both of which are set to arrive sometime in December.

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