Helldivers 2 Announced With New Trailer Showing Off Gameplay

helldivers 2

At today’s PlayStation Showcase, Arrowhead Game Studios unveiled Helldivers 2! Not only that, but we even got a trailer featuring gameplay.

As you can see, the big change here is that Helldivers 2 is now a third-person shooter instead of the original being a top-down action game.

No release date yet other than sometime in 2023.

Update: More info on the game has been released (via the PlayStation Blog):

We don’t send our Helldivers planet side without proper back up, but it’s up to you to decide how and when to call it in. Not only will you have a host of superpowered primary weapons and customizable loadouts, you also have the ability to call on stratagems during play.

In the heat of the battle and your squad needs to take out a massive onslaught of Terminids in one go? You can have an Eagle drop a 500KG bomb,leaving behind only liberated bug corpses. Need to lay down a defensive perimeter? You can call for the Anti-Personnel Mine Deployer to layer the battlefield with deadly mines.

Players can decide how to take down each enemy surge using a multitude of offensive and defensive tools. As you complete missions, you’ll be able to upgrade your ship and build an even more impressive arsenal. Everything from shield generators to turrets to large-scale airstrikes can be used to give your team the upper hand.

Co-op is also confirmed but friendly fire is always on.

Helldivers is confirmed for PC and PS5 later this year.

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