Here Are the Anthem Microtransaction Currency Prices for Shards Packs

anthem microtransaction currency
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It’s no secret that Anthem will have an in-game store that will have purchasable items using real world currency. In case you didn’t know, the currency used by for Anthem microtransactions are called “Shards,” and we now know how these Shards Packs cost in real world money!

Thanks to Anthem now available for Origin and Xbox One via Origin Pass and EA Access, we now know the exact prices of Anthem microtransactions! Check the images below and yes, the amount is in USD (via Reddit’s hungrybanana):

It seems players will have quite a number of options when it comes to Shards Packs. For those worried, BioWare has already mentioned that microtransactions in the game won’t have anything that might break balance, and that anything that can be bought with real world money, can be earned via grinding.

Let’s hope that BioWare can push through with their promises post-launch, and if so, they have a few good cosmetic items that might push people to buy them as a way of supporting the title’s good business model.

Stay tuned to MP1st’s review of Anthem hitting the site soon!

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