Here Are the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Roadmap & Details From the Reveal Livestream

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Earlier today, Bungie conducted a Destiny 2 Season of Dawn reveal stream where the studio gave us our first look at the upcoming content. In case you missed it or want a recap of everything disclosed, we got you covered! Below, you’ll see the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn roadmap and details that were shared by Bungie!

Before diving in, note that some might consider the info spoiler-ish, so proceed at your own discretion.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Roadmap:

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn details from the livestream:

  • Gatelord’s Eye is renamed to Lantern of Osiris
  • New champion mods:
    • Antibarrier ranger – bows, scout and pulses
    • Unstoppable burst – scout rifle
    • Unstoppable shot – bows
    • Overload rounds – Auto rifles and Submachine guns (?) <- not confirmed
  • one of the new artifact mods in the 4th row:
    • Guardian angel – Grants a chance to generate healing orbs for you in scout, sniper, bow and linearfusion rifle precision kills
  • On armour pieces theres a mod slot for Season of Dawn – SOME WILL DECREASE YOUR STATVALUES
    • Protective Light – While charged with Light, you gain significant damage resistance against comabatants when your sields are destroyed. This effect sonsumes all stacks of Charged of Light. The more stacks consumed the longer the damage resistance lasts.
      • -10 Strenghth
    • Shield break Charge – Become Charged with Light by breaking an enemy shield with the matching energy type
    • Empowered Finish – Becomd Charged with Light by finishing a combatant, consuming one tenth of your Super energy
    • Precisely Charged – Become charged with light by getting miltple rapid prescision vlows with linear fusion rifles or sniper rifles
      • -10 Discipline
    • High-energy fire – While Charged with Light, gain a bonus to weapon damage. Each defeated enemy consumes one stack of Charged with Light.
    • 2 more, they didnt show.
  • The Sundial looks like a Menagerie encounter – You always complete the activity
    • There will be a hard mode
    • First you kill some enemies and you go into the Sundial
    • You go out in another time there are minibosses which need to be killed and drop an orb. This orb needs to be thrown at a boss in the middle to lower his shield via a big ass laser. <- This is one of the encounters
    • There are multiple new encounters
    • There are multiple new bosses
  • There will be a new blog lore post every day from today untill release
  • NO raid and NO Trials of …..
  • It seems like there will be NO power increase

Don’t forget, Season of Dawn kicks off this December 10, and includes content for both Season Pass owners, and regular (F2P) gamers.

Make sure to check out the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset for this week as well, in case you haven’t done so.

Source: Reddit

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