Here Are the Modern Warfare Update 1.21 Stealth Changes (Update)

modern warfare update 1.21 stealth changes
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Infinity Ward released a patch this past week, and it seems the studio is continuing to do stealth changes (unannounced/unlisted)  that affect gameplay in the latest update just like previous patches. Below are the known Modern Warfare update 1.21 stealth changes for multiplayer and Warzone.

Note: We’ve updated the list this May 24.

Modern Warfare update 1.21 stealth changes:

Note that we’ve already posted the changes made to the RPG and launchers in general right here, so while that’s part of the stealth changes in this patch, it’s not included in the list below.


  • Attachment name change for M91 LMG – 150 Round Belt Magazine attachment name changed to 150 Round HEI Belt (no change aside from name)
  • New grip added to Renetti pistol (in the Stock attachment slot) called the FTAC G-X. Based on data, this attachment is useless as it slows down your ADS (aim down sight) speed by one frame when equipped, and recoil is the same or even worse.
  • In the menus, it mentions Specialist bonus streak starts at seven kills which is wrong since it still requires eight kills (unless you’re using the Hardline perk).
  • Stealth fall damage change: Will let you survive a slightly higher fall.
  • Spawn protection from killstreaks turned off (might be a bug). Spawn protection for AI-controlled streaks still active (ie. VTOL won’t target you for 4-5 seconds after you spawn, while with manually-controlled streaks, you’ll be able to target enemies the moment they spawn).
  • White Phosphorus killstreak visibility made better
  • Armory now shows blueprints that you haven’t obtained that are part of the current bundles sold in the in-game shop.

Call of Duty Warzone:

  • New Calling Card for winning a Warzone match added. It won’t bre rewarded retroactively, meaning you have to win one now to get it.
  • Mud Dauber MP7 gun introduced in Warzone’s orange loot boxes

So far, that’s what’s known. If you know of any, email us or leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the list.

Again, it’s baffling why Infinity Ward made these Modern Warfare update 1.21 stealth changes without mentioning them in the patch notes, but it is, what it is. We’ll continue posting about this for every patch.

Thanks, Xclusive Ace, and eColiEspresso

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