Here’s All the Details for Latest Path Of Exile Patches on PC and Xbox One

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Regardless of what platform you play Path of Exile on, You’ll be greeted with a new patch the next time you boot up the addicting action-RPG by Grinding Gear Games.

The New Zealand-based studio dropped two new patches today for Path of Exile, that takes aim to improve performances on both the PC and Xbox One, as well as general quality of life features and of course, addressing pesky bugs that may have hindered your gaming experience.

You can check out the notes for both patches below:

PC Patch

  • We have made a new effect for Burning Ground which doesn’t have the performance issues that the previous one did. While it has a few visual bugs still, we are releasing it for feedback and to get the improvement onto the realm as soon as possible. We plan to update the other ground effects in a similar way in the future.
  • Fixed a client crash that occurred when typing various symbols into the search box in the Map Stash Tab.
  • Fixed a client crash that occurred when right clicking on a Map Stash Tab if that tab was not already loaded.
  • Fixed a bug causing the effects for a skill in the High Templar Avarius encounter to not be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where some Rogue Exiles were not counting towards the “Kill Rogue Exiles” challenge.
  • Fixed a bug where Desecrate cast by monsters would not create any corpses.
  • Fixed a bug where a Divine Vessel was incorrectly consumed if the Map boss was replaced by the Elder or an Elder Guardian.
  • Fixed a bug where Vaal Spectral Throw was not interacting correctly with the Volley Support gem.
  • Fixed a bug where the quest tracker was displaying incorrect quest information while in Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where the Twice Blessed Darkshrine effect was not always given to the player who clicked the Darkshrine.
  • Fixed a rare bug preventing some characters from completing the Lighting the Way quest.

Xbox One Patch

New Features:

  • There’s now a UI option called “Advanced Mod Descriptions” which shows additional information about items when you press LS. It breaks down the mods of the item into separate prefixes and suffixes, shows their possible ranges and what tiers they are. Please note that the tiers shown include all possible base types. For example, if Tier 5 of a mod is the highest that can appear on a ring, then it’ll be listed as Tier 5 rather than Tier 1 on that ring. We are looking to improve this aspect in the future.
  • Added new helmet enchantments for Bodyswap and Despair. These are available from the Divine Font in the Merciless and Eternal Labyrinths.
  • Added a lightning explosion effect to the explosion caused by Inpulsa’s Broken Heart.
  • Volatile Dead now displays average damage, rather than damage per second.
  • Overhauled the visual effects and audio of Lightning Strike in order to improve performance.
  • Added the Multiple Traps Support gem to the quest rewards offered to the Shadow after killing Brutus.
  • Added a filter for the Trade Board. You can use this feature to highlight items with matching terms.
  • Added the Charan’s Sword category to the Trade Board.
  • You can now scroll through MTX options using the D-Pad while in the Cosmetics menu.

Skill Behaviour

  • Undid the changes made to Flicker Strike’s behaviour in Patch 3.1.1. based on player feedback. It will now behave as it did prior to that patch.

Abyss League Improvements:

  • Abysses can once again spawn in The Apex of Sacrifice and The Alluring Abyss.
  • Lich bosses now spend less time idling and should generally be more aggressive.
  • The ultimate skill used by Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless now deals less damage to minions and can now be triggered by sources such as totems and minions.
  • Pitworms are now immune to Knockback.

Atlas and Map Balance:

  • The Ice Flowers in The Constrictor Elder Guardian encounter now explode starting with the outside flowers followed by the inner flower.
  • Reduced the variance of the damage caused by the environmental lightning explosions found in the Manor of Madness. It still deals the same average damage.
  • Reduced the damage of Storm Burst projectiles used in the Pen boss encounter.
  • Increased the damage of Storm Burst explosions used in the Pen boss encounter.

Monster Improvements:

  • Reduced the maximum range of Reliquarian’s skills.
  • Tweaked the effects and audio for a skill used in the boss encounter in Pillars of Arun.
  • Increased the visual size of Plated Parasites.


  • The Thaumaturgical History II prophecy can no longer trigger in Act 6’s Western Forest.
  • The Visions of the Drowned prophecy is no longer available at higher levels.

For those who wish read the bug fixes on the Xbox One Patch, can do so by following this link. Though, fair warning the amount of bug fixes for this patch is quite large. So be prepared to read a long list of bugs that have been addresses on the Xbox One side of things.

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