Here’s Every Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Bonus Item and How to Get Them

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Given how big the Call of Duty franchise is, it’s understandable that every year’s iteration is tied up with a retailer, accessory brand, or even a snack. If you’re wondering how many Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bonus items there are, wonder no more.

Thanks to Reddit user EazyEli (who gave us permission to use his brilliantly crafted table), here’s every Modern Warfare bonus item and how to get them. Note that some are tied to international retailers, but if you’re really adamant in getting those, eBay might be your best bet.

In-Game Items Source Expires
Operator Pack Special Editions
C.O.D.E Calling Card C.O.D.E and Special Editions
Tactical Knife Digital and Special Editions
XRK Weapons Pack Digital and Dark Edition
Wheelson Calling Card MW KontrolFreeks
Exclusive Operator Skin Making COD: MW Book
Toy Soldier Weapon Charm McFarlane Figurines: 2019
Sniper Scope Weapon Charm SCUF Vantage 2 MW Edition
Recon Drone Pack* Limited Edition (Amazon UK)
Hammer Shotgun Variant Level 10 Beta Reward 23 Sept 2019
Animated C.O.D.E Calling Card Donate $3 to C.O.D.E 1 Oct 2019
Calling Card, Watch, Charm Totino’s promo 31 Dec 2019
Exclusive Operator Skin Mtn Dew Game Fuel promo 31 Dec 2019
Other Bonuses Source Expires
Classic Captain Price (Blackout) Pre-Order Bonus 24 Oct 2019
Prestige Token (Black Ops 4) Pre-Order Bonus 24 Oct 2019
3 Hours of 2XP Game UK 24 Oct 2019

Make sure to check out the Spec Ops trailer that was just released to see what the game’s co-op mode will offer.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released this October 25 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned to our review hitting the site near/around launch.

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3 years ago

Wish I had known about that animated CODE calling card sooner

3 years ago

It’s too bad that this was posted after the CODE fundraising event passed.

3 years ago

Oh, and the Mountain Dew and Doritos promo is for 30 minutes of 2XP per code, not an Operator skin. The skin is for the book only.

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