Here’s Our First Look at Tekken 7 Geese Howard Gameplay

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In case you didn’t know, Akuma will be joined by another non-Tekken character in Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7. Entering the fray will be Fatal Fury big baddie, Geese Howard!

Watch the video clip below to see Geese Howard tear Miguel a new one with his trademark Repukken and Double Repukken projectiles. Strangely enough, we don’t see any of his Nage counter moves, so we didn’t get to hear any of his “predictable” dialogue lines that should bring back memories for Fatal Fury fans. Check out the Tekken 7 Geese Howard gameplay footage to see his basic moves on display.

As you can see in the video, Geese is like Akuma in the sense that he has a special meter  that he can build up and use for special attacks, and he even uses it for his ultimate!

Geese Howard will be available in Tekken 7 before the year is done.

Source: GameSpot (YouTube) via EventHubs