Here’s the Complete The Division 2 Map With Districts and Dark Zone Areas

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With shard world shooter games like The Division 2, one of the biggest draws is knowing how big of an area you can explore once you’ve tackled all the missions, and are allowed to go to any area of the map. If you’re curious what the complete The Division 2 map looks like, wonder no more!

As part of the game’s private beta, one of the endgame missions is playable starting today, and along with it, we see our first look at the complete The Division 2 map! Below, you’ll see two version, a “regular” one, and one with complete district and Dark Zone areas marked (via Reddit user kixass and used with permission):

The Division 2 Map:

The Division 2 Map With Districts and Dark Zone Areas:

As you can see, it seems to be a bit bigger than the map in the first The Division, though we can’t say for sure until we know all the activities that we can do in it.

Given how the game’s Creative Director admitted that the endgame in the first title was a bit lacking, we’re hoping that The Division 2 won’t have that problem. Then again, there’s roughly 40 hours playable just in the campaign alone, so I gather players won’t have an issue with things to do in the game.

We’re still playing the beta, but make sure to keep an eye out for our hands-on impressions soon!

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