Here’s The Division 2 Map Overlay of Washington DC via Google Maps

the division 2 update

In case you didn’t know, The Division 2 is set in Washington DC compared to the first one which was set in New York. If you’re curious how The Division 2 map compares to its real life counterpart, this might pique your curiosity even more.

Shared by a member of The Division Elites Facebook fanpage (closed group) is a Google Maps overlay of The Division 2 map complete with landmarks, identified locations and more! You can check out the map here, and the maker said that it’ll be updated constantly after launch as more info becomes available.

While we aren’t expecting a 1:1 recreation of Washington DC, if Ubisoft Massive can come somewhat close, that in itself is already impressive.

In other The Division 2 news, don’t forget that we’re getting an open beta this March! Bad news for those who played the private beta, as your progress won’t carry over to the open beta.

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4 years ago

Another failure like Anthem on the way.

Auto comment disapproval still turned on lol. You losers.

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