Here’s When to Expect Marvel’s Avengers Reviews to Drop

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Curious to find out what the critics will think of Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers come launch next week? Don’t expect any Marvel’s Avengers reviews to drop a week before release or even days before, as the servers will only be functional on September 1.

Avid Marvel fans may have spotted the blog post published by Crystal Dynamic earlier today, detailing expectations for the day one launch of Marvel’s Avengers. Amongst the news of a day one patch that is dropping, Crystal Dynamic also pointed out that servers would be going live on the first of September, which is the early launch of the title for those who pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition.

We also wanted to give you an update on when global servers will go live and you can start playing the game!

From the beginning, our overall vision for Marvel’s Avengers has always been one where players would assemble online to protect the Earth and battle the forces of AIM as a team. While the entire game can be played solo with companion AI, the game has been designed as a seamless online experience, where players would transition from the single-player campaign to joining with friends in co-op missions as part of the Avengers Initiative.

As a result, everyone will need to wait until the servers officially go live on September 1st to start playing. It is important for us that matchmaking servers are populated because co-op is a fully integrated part of the experience.

Given the obvious online nature of the game, we were reaffirmed by a Square Enix rep that since the servers won’t be live until September 1, any review copy or early physical copy (broken street date) will not be able to activate till the servers are live, given the game does require online activation in order to be playable.

What does this mean for Marvel’s Avengers reviews?

Well, for those hoping to catch some day one scores, you’ll need to wait a bit as the team wants the co-op portion of the title to be live, so that everyone can experience it properly. Seeing that the title is available on multiple platforms and the limited amount of reviewers that are out there, this makes complete sense as it may be hard to matchmake and play co-op if the servers are only live to only a handful of people.

What does this mean for the MP1st review of Marvel’s Avengers? We’ll most likely not have a day one review up, given we want to experience the game in its entirety, which means we want to be able to play co-op missions, level up our characters, obtain high tier loot and more, in an organic way (via actual play time). That said, expect guides from us to hit the site at launch or near it.

For those curious, we’ve given our impressions of the beta in its first week of availability. We’ve also listed down some of the stuff we want changed/fixed based on beta feedback.