Top 6 Marvel’s Avengers Beta Changes We Want to See in the Final Game

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In case you didn’t know, the Marvel’s Avengers beta is now over after a few weekends of letting gamers get a taste of what we’ll play on September 4. While we’ve already posted our impressions of the beta, we’re not done there. Below are the top Marvel’s Avengers beta changes we want to see in the final game!

While we understand that the game is less than two weeks from release, we’re hoping that some of the changes we’ve outlined can be rolled out via game patches and so on. Obviously, taste is subjective, so some of the stuff mentioned below might be non-issues for you, but for the most part, we think the Marvel’s Avengers beta changes we’ve listed will be something players will want to see.

Top 6 Marvel’s Avengers Beta Changes We Want to See

Have a cleaner UI/markers

Crystyal Dynamics has a lot of stuff for players to customize, tweak, and such in Marvel’s Avengers. While everything is accessible in the menu screen, it’s not as intuitive as one might expect. There’s so many tabs, columns, numbers, overlays and other stuff that will overwhelm some players.

While there’s a “Hold L2 to equip best gear” option, players on the game’s subreddit have already pointed out how that is kind of broken and won’t actually give you the best loadout

Marvel's Avengers PC Requirements

Performance improvements

While it’s easy to say that the Marvel’s Avengers beta ran into tech issues given it’s an older build and it’s a beta, the frame rate drops and other bugs that surfaced were a tad too much, and has me wondering how much fixes can Crystal Dynamics actually implement before launch.

There were multiple instances of frame rate drops whenever the action got too hectic, or there were too many stuff going on when it comes to particle effects, the number of on-screen characters and so on.

This is one thing that could be remedied by multiple post-launch updates, and we’re hoping that a large chunk of this has been sorted out for the launch build.

Marvel's Avengers Beta Update 1.05

Variety is the spice of life

While the beta released to gamers had a large amount of content to chew on, most of the missions involved the Avengers going into a room and kicking the crap out of every enemy in the area before moving on to the next area, and then doing the same. Either that or you have to stand on something to wait for a meter to start filling up, or blast through three objectives in one room/level in order to advance to the next.

Sure, the Abomination boss fight and the Titan mech thing offered a glimpse at some of the boss encounters we’ll see eventually, but we’re hoping that even if you’re doing regular missions, you won’t be doing the same thing over and over. Here’s to hoping to more mission variety and enemies to kick ass that’s not manufactered by AIM.

In-game currency overload

Check the screenshot above: You see those numbers and icons at the bottom most of the image? Yeah, that’s the in-game currency the game uses to upgrade armors and other stuff. There are also credits that can be earned to purchase stuff from the in-game marketplace.

First impressions from the beta regarding these? They’re way too many of them to keep track. While these things aren’t tied to microtransactions (at least from what we know), it’s still a chore to keep track of. You collected so many of these that I just stopped caring.

Will this be easier to track in the final game? Most likely, but even so, there’s so many stuff to shove into players faces all at once.

Make loot/gear visible on characters, and make it easier to spot and obtain!

In games like Destiny, The Division and other games similar to Marvel’s Avengers, the moment you snag some sweet gear. you’ll want to equip it and see how it complements not only your character’s build, but also how it looks. That won’t be the case with Marvel’s Avengers though. While there are rarities when it comes to loot, your character will, for the part, look the same.

I understand why Crystal Dynamics went with this given we do have character skins, but couldn’t there have been a compromise? It’s not just aesthetics, either. In some games, you can see what kind of armor or level a character was just by their armor. Sadly, that won’t be the case with Marvel’s Avengers. Will it matter in the long run, though? Your guess is as good as mine.

Unannounced Marvel's Avengers Heroes

Give us a social space!

This last one seems like a no-brainer but it should be worth mentioning. Remember how fun it is to fool around in Destiny in the Tower with your friends? Well, you can’t do that in Marvel’s Avengers given there’s no equivalent. Heck, even BioWare acquiesced for Anthem when it comes to this with the Launch Bay.

The War Table just shows you what missions you can join and where. Once you’ve done that, you can then choose to enter matchmaking, and if you match with people, you’ll then see their character in the main before the main mission loads. That’s pretty much it. Your skins and emotes? Yeah, you’ll get to show them off in a mission, which isn’t really the best place to do that given you have loads of enemies trying to take your head off.

It’s a small thing in the sum of things, but it’s also a great way to just hang back. I mean, I remember times when me and my friends just fooled around in the Tower in Destiny in between missions, and that’s part of the social aspect of these games, right?

Well, there you have it! Will any of these be fixed come launch or soon after? We honestly don’t know. But for everyone’s sake, we hope Crystal Dynamics is taking a look at these. What do you want fixed or changed in Marvel’s Avengers based on the beta? Let us know down below in the comments.