Hex Update “Dead of Winter” Adds 300 New Cards, 5 New Champions & More

Hex has received a huge update on both PC and PS4. The “Dead of Winter” patch brings over 300 news cards to collect (over 240 on PS4), five new champions, and lots more. 

Give the PC patch notes a read below (and catch the slightly different PS4 patch notes here): 


Over 300 new cards to collect!

5 New Champions

Participate in three Evolving Sealed runs to earn the Dead of Winter Set Sleeve

Spin and open Dead of Winter chests to find new sleeves, cards, equipment, mercenaries, and more

30 new Dead of Winter equipment drop from the Frost Ring Arena


The Champion Puck and Balthasar has been renamed to Balthasar the Elegist. Its art has been updated and it now has the type line of “Satyr”
Armies of Myth and Primal Dawn cards are no longer legal in Standard Constructed

Armies of Myth and Primal Dawn booster packs have been removed from the store

Updated the art for the choice cards associated with Illuminate

Account Leveling rewards have been changed to Dead of Winter packs and chests

Draft and Sealed formats now use Dead of Winter booster packs for entry and rewards

Alternate Art cards for corresponding common and uncommons can now be used for Rock format tournaments

Hex Primal Immortal Queue now displays an immortal ticket in the prize preview window

Practice vs AI decks have been updated to match the new Standard format


Random Transformation/Creation should abide by rarity legality of format in addition to set legality

Copied troops with indefinite modifiers now work correctly

Playing an extended art card with its Frostform ability will now correctly display the extended brittle version of the card

Cull the Weak now properly recalculates its cost when a player controls an Arena Mutt and Gladiator troops

Coralcove Witch’s deploy ability now resolves in the correct order when being played in response to a trick.

Gemborn Prowler no longer incorrectly reverts when another card is transformed or reverted

Kismet’s Dice now properly evaluates the cost of cards with X in the cost.

Paragon of Insanity’s charge power will now play cards with the text “target opposing” correctly.

Grandfather Elk is now correctly Ardent Faction

Runes are no longer triggered more than once when drawing multiple resources simultaneously.

Frostheart champions have been modified to improve limited gameplay:

Puff the Rainbow – 5 charges to use

Tork Slamstyx – 5 charges to use

Runecarver Darcon – 4 charges to use

Yarna of Lost Voices – Plus 2 health

Soaring Talon – Plus 2 health

Grish’xal the Profane – Plus 2 health

Bar’dak the Butcher – Plus 2 health

Merry Butterfly now costs 4

Sir Thorngage’s deck rule is now allowing you to play with a deck containing 4 copies of certain cards that fit his exception parameters i.e. Raving Ghoul, Rotting Knight, etc…

Dallad’s deck rule now allowing yous to play with a deck containing 4 copies of prismatic cards.

Portable Hole now correctly reduces the cost of Weave into Nothing AA

Gardener’s Hat now correctly reduces the cost of Chlorophyllia AA

Lady Violet’s Crown now correctly modifies Lady Violet Blightbark AA

Gnawed on Armbands now correctly modifies Mawstorm

Balanced Scaled Sandals now correctly works with Prismatic cards

Pappy Jasper’s Whip is now working correctly with transformed Presents


Images for counters are no longer partially cut-off while a card is exhausted

Cards sent through mail now display images.

Sleeve selection interface has been updated

Card hyperlinks in the talent tree now function as intended

Tournament rewards text should no longer incorrectly layer on top of each other

Will you be giving the new Hex update content a go? Let us know.

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Source: Hex (Official)

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