HEX Update Makes Optional “May” and “As An Additional Cost” Cards Work Properly & More

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A new update has been released on PC and PlayStation 4 for HEX fixing several gameplay issues, including:  Jovial Pippit will no longer incorrectly transform the player’s Champion, scheduled tournaments no longer delay the start of the next round, and more.

You can find the full list of patch notes below:


– Scheduled tournaments no longer delay start of next round due to forfeits during reserves

– Cards in limited pools no longer incorrectly square the quantity displayed

– Extended Art cards can now be correctly attached to mail and sold on the Auction House


– Brown Fox Scout no longer reveals the next card in the deck

– Polar Ferret now correctly requires two Diamond threshold for its Frostform cost

– Jovial Pippit no longer incorrectly transforms the player’s Champion

– Cards with “may” are now correctly optional

– Frenetic Doppelganger no longer hangs indefinitely when targeting Spellsong Sweeties

– Fixed a game lock that was caused by Ghastly Exchange

– Cards that trigger during the combat step no longer incorrectly push priority forward a step
– Players can no longer change their champion during reserves of a draft (PS4)

– Cards and powers that have “as an additional cost” now function correctly (PS4)

– The Bloodhorn, Scourge of the Sea fight in the campaign no longer incorrectly gates the game (PC)

What do you think to HEX’s latest patch? Let us know below.

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Source: HEX