Hitman 2 Free Starter Pack Announced, Elusive Target #4 Coming March 8

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Want to experience Hitman 2 for free? You can now starting today! In a press release, Warner Bros. Interactive announced that the Hitman 2 Starter Pack is available now for free! This will allow players to experience the full Hawk’s Bay location along with an opening campaign missions called “Nightcall” for free! All progress earned from playing this location will carry over into the full game if players like what they tried.

In addition to that, the Hitman Elusive Target no. 4 has also been revealed! Called “The Politician,” this mission will be available starting March 9, and will end on March 17 within the Hawke’s Bay location. This means that those who download the Hitman 2 free Starter Pack will be able to participate in this limited one-time only event.

Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating (a.k.a. “The Politician”). Dame Barbara is a disgraced former New Zealand Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs who was forced to resign after the discovery of her charity funneling funds to her offshore interests. After shifting the blame to the charity’s director and wiping her hands clean, Dame Barbara is currently building back her reputation to restore her standing, and she is believed to be working with a body double to protect herself at public events. Players will have 10 days to complete the mission.

For those unaware, Hitman 2 also has an online multiplayer mode, but it’s not what you’re expecting. Read up on that right here.

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