Hitman 3 Year 2 Winter Roadmap Includes Freelancer Gamemode, Elusive Target, and Holiday-Themed Unlocks

Hitman 3 Year 2 Winter Roadmap

The last Hitman 3 roadmap for 2022 is here, and it covers all the content updates that players can expect to receive for the months of December and January. Because it’s the holiday season, the updates include festive unlocks to spice up the year’s end.

Hitman 3 Year 2 Winter Roadmap

December 1: Holiday Hoarders + Two Unlocks

Starting December 1, players can look for two new unlocks in Paris. These include Lil’ Flashy, a robot toy that blows up, and a simple boxed gift, which also blows up.

If you haven’t unlocked it yet, new players can get the Santa 47 suit by playing Holiday Hoarders, which returns for the holidays.

December 8: Elusive Target Arcade

December 8 will usher in Elusive Target Arcade Contracts, and completing either of them will unlock the Shashka A33 Gold Assault Rifle.

December 15: Urben’s Holiday Special #2

A new Curated Contract is coming out for the holidays. Here’s what IO Interactive has to say about it:

Curated Contracts are collections of the best contracts out there. Hand-picked and refined by some of the community’s best-known talents, they offer unique and fun challenges that you might never have encountered. Two batches of Curated Contracts are packed into this Winter Roadmap and first up is Urben’s Holiday Special.

Urben’s talents have seen them regularly appear in Featured Contracts batches in the past years, win competitions to get their face in the game and, as you might have guessed, were the mastermind behind the original Urben’s Holiday Special in 2021. In fact, we should probably just send them a medal already. Thanks Urben!

December 22: The Icon

Sapienza, by night with a huge movie set. That’s the premise for The Icon, where Dino Bosco is taking one last shot at superstardom. Your job is to literally end his career, for good.

This mission can be played for free between December 22 and January 2.

January 5: Hokkaido Snow Festival

2023 will start off with the Hokkaido Snow Festival, and completing the Ice To Meet You challenge nabs you this cool-looking (and feeling) ICA 19 Iceballer.

Much like the Christmas-themed Holiday Hoarders, completing the Hokkaido Snow Festival will unlock the Snow Festival Suit.

January 6: The Forger

We’re getting one more Elusive Target for year 2, and it’s Mr. Larin, also known as The Forger.

HITMAN 3 Year 2’s final Elusive Target is The Forger. Mr Larin, as he’s known by his friends, was the first Elusive Target ever released back in 2016. This will be the first time he can be eliminated with a Shashka A33 Gold, Iceballer or Explosive Christmas Gift. He’ll be in town for 10 days.

January 12: Winter Madness #2

IO Interactive also gives a brief shoutout to Hitman 3’s speedrunning community.

The Frote7 speedrun community knows a thing or two about creating and curating contracts. Last year, they featured here with the first Winter Madness contracts and told us about creativity, freedom of choice and replayability being at the core of a good contract. We’re sure there will be more of the same this time around.

If you’re interested in learning more about this community or are curious about the world of Hitman speedrunning, head to the F7SC Discord channel– or wait until January 12th when they arrive in-game.

January 26: HITMAN 3 Freelancer

Finally, Hitman 3’s finally releasing its Freelancer gamemode after announcing it at the beginning of the year. It’s set to arrive on January 26 and will be a free update for all owners of Hitman 3.

Here’s a final image on IO Interactive’s website that shows off all the updates to come during the next couple of months.

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