Hogwarts Legacy Update 1.04 Zaps Out on PS4 and Xbox One This June 2

Hogwarts Legacy Update 1.04

Avalanche has pushed out Hogwarts Legacy update 1.04 on the PS4 and Xbox One, and this brings a host of bug fixes and gameplay adjustments to various missions, NPCs and more.

A new patch was also released on current-gen platforms and PC, which you can read about here.

Hogwarts Legacy Update 1.04 Patch Notes for June 2:

Build Version – 1145908

Developer Note – This patch addresses overall gameplay experience and stability improvements.

Bug Fixes:


  • Gameplay
    • Missions
      • Resolved the player can permanently lock themselves out of the conversation with Natsai after using a manual saving during a mission HL-12659
      • Resolved avatar being able to unlock the talent menu during a mission after reloading a manual
      • Resolved Percival Rackham’s Trial not being able to be completed causing a progression blocker HL-12745
      • Optimization triggering multiple auto-save requests
    • Doors
      • Resolved visual issues of door of the vault looking open from a far distance
      • Resolved the avatar falling from the balcony when using prompt to open the door away from it
    • Cinematics
      • Resolved issue with the avatar and companion NPC’s in cinematics having their wands swapped for a generic one HL-11594
      • Resolved Fig flickering away at the end of the first cinematic
      • Resolved characters using generic NPC wands instead of their unique wands HL-11594
    • NPC
      • Resolved student NPCs standing in air in the courtyard after completing the tour with Everett Clopton
    • Avatar
      • Resolved the avatar’s robe moving unnaturally while drinking the potion if they are created immediately after making a manual save on another character’s slot
    • VFX
      • Resolved Professor Hecat’s apparate VFX is missing during a scripted event
    • Achievements/Trophies
      • Resolved “Allow “Known” Collection items to count correctly towards proper achievements
      • Resolved Gregory and Goblet of fire field guide pages not showing complete after latest patch HL-12917
  • UI
    • Updated localization overlapping issues related to location names
    • Resolved quest tracking icon remaining on map and minimap after the quest is completed
    • Resolved untracking missions in-game do not update their icons and/or disappear
    • Resolved opening the map has a chance in softlocking the game
    • Resolved intro outfit and robe being available in your gear appearances by default HL-4880
    • Resolved the user getting stuck on the ‘Field Guide’ screen if they spam the [MENU] button while transitioning to the ‘Map’ screen
  • Save Game
    • Resolved save issue with Deathly Hallows
    • Resolved restarting a manual save places Sir Nicholas at the mission’s starting point.
    • Resolved reloading an autosave after gathering any collection chest allows the avatar to obtain the same chest rewards again
  • Performance
    • Resolved world unloading when the avatar stands at the top of the staircase near the Beast Hut
    • Resolved the PS4 memory allocator being more robust and thread crashes after soaking
    • Resolved memory optimization
    • Resolved landscape streaming issues during Hogwarts
    • Resolved localization crash when dictionaries are reloaded from a save game
    • Resolved avatar falling out of world due to missing rocks at Coastal Cavern
    • Resolved crash with light probes
    • Resolved crash when opening ornate chests in the game
    • Resolved crash during level and mission transitions/loading
    • Resolved a crash when opening and closing pause menu during missions
    • Resolved crash related to foliage
    • Resolved crash fast traveling from Central Hall to Forbidden Forest floo flame
    • Resolved a crash when fast traveling to Hogsmeade using Floo Flames
  • Miscellaneous
    • Update to game credits
    • Resolved extra collision issue on spiral stair case pillar leading to the map chamber
    • Resolved visible banding with weather decals
    • Resolved several metal assets looking completely black in the last room of the Percival Dungeon”

In other Hogwarts Legacy news, while the last-gen versions were released much later, it still managed to rack up some impressive player stats.

Source: Hogwarts Legacy

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3 months ago

Would love actual dlc I mean I’m bored

Reply to  Ryan
3 months ago

And multi player

3 months ago

Well after the update i can no longer use my swift talent

3 months ago

They currently have no plans for additional content, however i’d be surprised if the didn’t add dlc considering they have an option on the main menu for additional content that currently only has the dark arts cosmetic dlc from pre-ordering the game. I’d be surprised if they had an option just for one dlc pack.

Reply to  Nikki_boagreis
3 months ago

@nikki so you’re saying they have no plans, but they built the UI because they likely have plans.

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